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Dominique Broadway

Photograph by SoFlo Inspires

About The Author

Dominique Broadway is a millennial and self-made first-generation multimillionaire whose mission is to make wealth attainable for anyone. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Dominique worked at UBS and Edelman. A self-described millennial money therapist, she walked away from her extremely wealthy clients to help everyday people. The founder of Finances Demystified (, Dominique is known for making complex financial topics simple. Her clients are often the first people in their family to build wealth, and she guides them not just through financial strategies, but also in the psychology of money so they can make the stacked decisions to become wealthy. Dominique has been featured in TimeUSA TODAYRefinery29ForbesBlack EnterpriseMarketwatchEbony MagazineEssenceUS News, and other media outlets.

Books by Dominique Broadway