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Dr William Pao

About The Author

Dr. William Pao is a physician-scientist whose career has spanned academia and industry. He was previously Chief Development Officer for Pfizer, and prior to that, Head of the Roche Pharma Research & Early Development unit, where he oversaw the discovery and early development of a portfolio of new molecular entities to treat a range of diseases, from cancer to rare blood disorders.

Before joining industry, William was Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where he held the Cornelius Abernathy Craig Chair in Medical and Surgical Oncology. Internationally recognized for his ground-breaking work in translational medicine and for his leadership in cancer genomics and personalized medicine, William is also the co-founder of MyCancerGenome, an indispensable online tool designed to enable a genetically informed approach to cancer medicine.

Books by Dr William Pao