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Gabriel "White Deer of Autumn" Horn

Photograph by Cynthia Vandehoef

About The Author

Gabriel Horn, White Deer of Autumn, is an award-winning author and educator, who wrote Spirit Drumming, Motherless, Transcendence, and The Great Change, as well as several short stories in various anthologies and many articles on writing in college texts and journals. Retired from teaching writing and literature in 2012, Gabriel Horn was honored professor emeritus at St. Petersburg College where he taught literature and writing for twenty-two years. For more than fifty years, from reservation schools and American Indian Movement (AIM) Survival Schools to public schools, colleges, and universities, and through his writings, White Deer of Autumn has unwaveringly advocated for the academic respect due the history, literature, and philosophy of Native America. He has been an advocate and activist for the spiritual rights of traditional Native peoples, as well as an outspoken defender of the natural world. He is a father and a grandfather and is the remaining member of the family of Princess Red Wing, Metacomet, and Nippawanock of the Narragansett Tribe/Wampanoag Nation. His uncles, Metacomet and Nippawanock, had written of Gabriel, saying; “We are proud of our nephew, for it is in blood as strong as his, that the words of the people ring on the land.”

Books by Gabriel "White Deer of Autumn" Horn