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Lena Allen-Shore

About The Author

Dr. Lena Allen-Shore was a writer, composer, poet, educator, and philosopher. A survivor of the Holocaust, she was determined to make the world a gentler place by sharing universal values and being a builder of bridges in thought, word, song, and deed. She strived to build those bridges of understanding to further enhance the best of the human spirit. She was much loved and respected for her work to show people that amid our differences we share a common desire for love, happiness, and kindness.

The author of more than seventeen books including Rendezvous with Love and Roots and Wings, she garnered much praise for Building Bridges: Pope John Paul II and the Horizon of Life, based on her long friendship with the pontiff.

“Sleep My Baby” was originally composed for her son Jacques. He and his brother Michel sang their mother’s lullaby to their children, who now sing it to the next generation of their family. It is their hope that you will now also sing it with yours.

Books by Lena Allen-Shore