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Linzi Silverman

About The Author

Linzi Silverman is an intuitive healer, artist, and creator. Through their business, Eye of Astro, they share their gifts of deck making, card reading, energy work, meditation, yoga, teaching, and more. They believe that we all possess a magic—a power—and it is their aim to help us each connect to this part of ourselves. They can be found connecting to their intuition, spending time in nature, cooking loving meals, as well as cultivating art, movement, and mindfulness. Their business is named after their sweet familiar, Astro Baby Kitty-Dog Silverman, who passed away in October 2022. Linzi has published two tarot decks, The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot and The Portent Tarot, with upcoming projects like The Intuitive Night Animal Oracle, The Ghost Oracle, and more. You can connect with them for individual sessions and workshops at

Books by Linzi Silverman