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Louise Blair

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About The Author

Louise Blair is a children's football book author who lives in Sydney, Australia. Lou wrote Kicking Goals Journal with Matildas captain Sam Kerr to help young players learn more about the game they both love. She grew up in a small town in England, teaching herself to play football by kicking a ball against the wall and copying the players on Match of the Day. She played whenever she could – with the boys at school, in the streets, at the local park, and on an old concrete court. Later, after moving to Australia, her love of the game continued to grow. Lou has been playing, watching and coaching ever since. In her free time when she is not writing, reading or drinking tea, you will find her walking and attempting to train her very naughty golden retriever puppy. Having two children who love both football and reading has also inspired her. She wrote the book for them – a book she wished she had as a kid. To find out more, follow @kickinggoalsjournal.

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