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Naomi Crisante

About The Author

Naomi’s life has always revolved around food – selecting it, cooking it and celebrating with it.
As an award-winning food educator, television presenter, stylist and food writer with more than 35 years’ experience in Australia’s food industry she has the wonderful job of creating something every day. Whether it is a new recipe, a beautiful image or some inspiring words on a page…it is always centred around food… a thing that sustains, nurtures and excites.

Her inspiring recipe ideas keep the home cook in mind, making it easy for everyone to produce mouth-watering meals in their own kitchen and although her food style is grounded in her Mediterranean heritage, she has strong knowledge of the cuisines of Europe, the Middle East and South America, due to her extensive food travels, research and culinary experiences.

Her career as a test kitchen manager and marketing manager, and now Director of Naomi Crisante Food Communications and Founder of, has given her a broad suite of expertise in communications, consumer advisory, recipe development, masterclasses, event management and presentations. She has authored two commercial cookbooks – Cheese Matters and Crowd Pleasers, is an accredited cheese judge and has appeared regularly on many Australian cooking TV programs over the years.

Her food site, is a hub of food inspiration with a regular food blog, email newsletter, live recipe database, podcasts, travelogues, videos and an active social media following. She also runs virtual consumer cooking classes online and hands-on team cooking classes for corporate clients, both here and overseas.
To Naomi, being foodcentric is more than just an idea, it’s a way of life…
Instagram  @food.centric

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