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Suzanne J. Roragen

About The Author

Suzanne J. Roragen, Texas born and raised, went on a blind date with her future husband that opened her eyes to all the places yet to be explored. Twenty years traveling and writing around the globe as a military spouse created opportunities for Suzanne to expand her world view and share her vision through words. Her degree from UNLV in journalism and communications honed her wordsmith talent that she pressed into service over the various Air Force assignments as editor of several newsletters, a wellness blog, and an adjunct position with a large global policy think tank, proofing research documents. But through all the adventure and movement, full-time job number one was raising her son, Nicholas. Suzanne’s roots are now loosely planted in the desert Southwest, where she presses keys to laptop when she isn’t joining her husband in all facets of operating their Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Books by Suzanne J. Roragen