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An Energy Healer's Book of Dying

For Caregivers and Those in Transition

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

A compassionate guidebook to the energetic stages of dying and how to offer practical support at each stage of the transition back to spirit

• Explains the nine energetic levels of dying and what is happening during each stage, including how belief systems and energy blocks can affect the death process

• Reveals what the dying person may see and experience, what to watch for in each stage, and specific ways to support your loved one during each phase

• Explores the grieving process and offers helpful strategies for moving through it

Written by a highly skilled intuitive energy worker, this compassionate guide reveals what is happening energetically during the transition back to spirit and details how to provide support in any phase of losing a loved one: before death, during the dying process, and afterward. Taking readers step-by-step through the nine energetic levels of dying, author Suzanne Worthley explains what is happening at each level or dimension energetically, what to watch for in each stage, and specific ways in which we can support our loved ones through their transition back to spirit. For each of the nine stages, she describes what the dying person may see and experience, including the stages of transition at which people undergo the familiar elements of near-death experiences, such as entering a tunnel, conducting a life review, or encountering angels, guides, loved ones in spirit, or a bright light. She explores what family members and friends may see and experience, such as spirit energy, and what they can do to offer practical support and emotional solace to their loved one.

Examining how life force energy works as well as what Akashic records and soul contracts are, Worthley shares hospice case studies for each level of transition, so caregivers can see how belief systems and energy blocks in specific chakras affect the death process and why it is important to clear energy blocks like fear, anger, or guilt during life if possible. She explores the grieving process and offers helpful strategies for moving through it as well as “at-a-glance” reference tables of the nine stages and related healing strategies designed to be referred to by those holding vigil.

Shedding light on one of the great mysteries of existence, An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying offers a compact yet comforting guide to support you through this emotional, grief-filled, and exhausting time and help you bring solace to your loved one during the transition back to spirit.



I grew up as the daughter of a mortician. As a child, I never thought of my father’s job as different or odd. Actually, I never really thought about it at all. My mother stayed home to raise my five siblings and me, while my father spent his days working in the funeral home. For some, a funeral home can be an uncomfortable place, but for me, it was a second home. I spent every Saturday there after piano lessons. It was my father’s office. It was where we hung out. It was a normal part of life--just like riding in the hearse. For some, a hearse represents dread and sorrow, but for me it was our family car, which could easily tote around six children.

Later on, I learned my upbringing wasn’t all that conventional. Most kids didn’t talk about death and dying at the dinner table alongside the usual topics of school, grades, and boyfriends. It wasn’t until high school when I noticed a difference in the way my friends thought about death. I admit I could cause quite a stir in a group of teenagers when they found out I was a mortician’s daughter. Even today, I still find most folks are uncomfortable with the subject of dying. I personally never thought of death as something scary, icky, or weird. I certainly didn’t perceive my father working with death as something scary, icky, or weird. I believed then (and now) that death is simply part of our life path. It is not to be feared as much as embraced. Even as a child, I intuitively knew that any professional who assisted the loved ones left behind during their loved one’s journey of “going home” must be a person with a gift. My father has that gift, and he chose to share it with others. As an energy practitioner, spiritual healer, and hospice volunteer, I have had the opportunity to use this gift and spend numerous hours with people during what I feel is one of the most profound energetic and spiritual experiences ever--their death. I have witnessed firsthand, through the use of my psychic abilities and knowledge of our human energy systems, their incredible journey back to spirit. My hospice patients are so loving and giving of themselves. They are my teachers. Their homes and hospital rooms are my classrooms. I'm blessed they allow me to share such a personal, spiritual time and space, and I feel it is time to finally share what I have learned to help people through their own personal journey, whether they are the patient, the family member, the loved one, the friend, or the medical staff.

Doing this work has allowed me to find a unique perspective on how the soul processes and works in energy. I want to share firsthand what I see and offer you a new way to look at death using psychic sight. When we look at death only with our human eyes, we are often consumed by fear and sadness. But when we understand how to use psychic sight, we can move through the process in love and spirit. There are many who do not necessarily view the process of death as a gift, and I understand it can be a hard concept to understand. That is why I wrote this tiny book: to replace fear with knowledge. To encourage willing participation. To give power back to those who own it. To affirm miracles. To help people see through the perspective of the heart rather than the limited perspective of the ego.

This book is divided into two sections. In the first, I give some helpful background information: a description of how life force energy works, what the Akashic records and soul contracts are, and an overview of the energetic stages of the death process. In the second section, we’ll go step-by-step through the nine energetic levels of dying, so you can understand what is happening at each level, know what to watch for in each stage, and learn specific ways in which you can support your loved one through their transition back to spirit. Additionally, I have included actual hospice visits as case studies so that you can see how others have experienced the stages of death in various ways. These case studies examine, on an energetic level, the experiences some hospice patients have had while shutting down specific chakras. I share these to assist you in seeing how energy blocks can affect the death process. Again, my goal is to help you to understand and clear the fears in life because they will indeed affect the death process.

You do not have to be psychic to have experiences similar to those you will read on the pages ahead. Anyone who has assisted a loved one, friend, or patient through the death process has most likely come into contact with some, or all, of the phases involved. Without the knowledge of what they are experiencing, the events are often dismissed or downplayed. Many find themselves doubting what they actually saw or felt as they walked with a loved one through the death process. The feelings in the room. The sensation of spiritual visitors. The shifting movement of light. The coincidences of how things and timing played out. By learning the phases of the journey to spirit, we can embrace the stages in a new light--one of divine energy.

Just like my father used his gift to help families after the death process, my purpose is to offer perspectives to help the dying person and his or her family members and friends move through the death process with love. I do not in any way mean to impose my vision on others. Death is personal, private, and probably one of the more sacred occurrences we encounter, either for our self or our loved ones. I only offer my perspective as a gift of sharing.

About The Author

Suzanne Worthley is an energy healing practitioner and intuitive who has focused on death and dying for 20 years. She has played a vital role in partnership with families and hospice teams, helping the dying have a peaceful transition and helping families and caregivers understand what is happening energetically during the death process. She lives in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (March 10, 2020)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644110324

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Raves and Reviews

"In this book, Suzanne Worthley helps us to understand not just from a physical perspective but from a spiritual/energetic perspective just what an amazing journey the dying go through as the soul leaves form and travels home. Suzanne writes with the passion of one who has first-hand experience of having watched with the dying. I hear the truth in her words regarding unfinished business, 'As a soul, we will still need to do the work whether we are on this side of the veil or not.' This encourages us to integrate our shadows here and now whilst still embodied. She further comforts us with the words, 'We are all born from love. We are all made from love. We have the ability to return to love.' Thank you, Suzanne, you have served us well in sharing your wisdom of death and dying.”

– Phyllida Anam-Aire, author of A Celtic Book of Dying and Celtic Wisdom and Contemporary Living

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