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Ancient Goddess Magic

Invoking the Queens of Heaven

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Explores beliefs and myths from Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and around the Mediterranean, revealing how ancient goddesses were powerful Queens of the Heavens and Guardians of the Underworld, not passive fertility symbols

• Looks at creator goddesses, sun goddesses, lunar goddesses, warrior maiden goddesses, and night goddesses, including Hathor, Asherah, Inanna, Hekate, Athena, Astarte, and Gula-Bau

• Includes modern adaptations of ancient goddess magic rituals and instructions for creating divine amulets, figurines, and stones blessed with the goddesses’ powers

In the most ancient cultures of our world, goddesses were seen not as passive fertility symbols but as powerful, active Queens of the Heavens who protected cities, guided the dead and dying, and oversaw all forms of rebirth and transformation.

Sharing her years of research and personal exploration into ancient goddess mythology, evolution, and ritual, Vanessa Lavallée explores the animistic beliefs of our long-forgotten ancestors, especially in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and around the Mediterranean, and shows how the Queens of the Heavens still have a vital role to play in modern spirituality. She looks at sun goddesses who were often viewed as the mothers of the gods and shows how to spiritually and magically work with the Great Mothers of the Sky. Examining maiden warrior goddesses such as Athena, Circe the sorceress, Britomartis, Dyktinna, and Aphaia from the island of Aegina, the author explains their connections to the Eagle constellation and eagle lore and reveals how to work with the Warrior goddess archetype.

Looking at night goddesses, the author describes their connection to the Goat Star, the Milky Way, Death, and the Underworld and explores their star magic and healing powers, including working with Vega, Sirius, Inanna, Hekate, and Gula-Bau. Exploring lunar goddesses, their role as protectors, and their connections to the Swan and the Cygnus constellation, she looks at how to work with guardian goddesses such as Astarte, Aphrodite, and Tanit. Offering modern adaptations of ancient goddess magic rituals and tools, the author explains how to perform rituals for healing, protection, and purification and how to create divine amulets, figurines, and stones blessed with the goddesses’ powers. She also reveals how to practice astral bathing for spiritual help and guidance.

Presenting initiation practices throughout to help you connect with each Queen of the Heavens, this guide to the myth, magic, and history of ancient goddesses reveals that their legacy is still spiritually alive.

About The Author

Vanessa Lavallée is an animist practitioner and researcher of ancient religions and astral magic. She holds a master’s degree and is working toward a doctorate in religious studies with a focus on the demonic feminine and Witchcraft. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (November 5, 2024)
  • Length: 160 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644116463

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