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Beautiful Economics

A Guide to Gentle World Domination


A handbook for rebooting the world with a new economic narrative that combines ecological, philosophical and entrepreneurial wisdom. 

What if we could all become rich in Life Dollars , a currency that gives value to all the things that make life rich, sustainable and worth living. What if our economy measured success in terms of Gentle World Domination (GWD) instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), where clear blue skies, social harmony and spiritual and mental well-being were the measures of a nation’s true wealth. 

In Beautiful Economics: A guide to Gentle World Domination , author Howard Collinge challenges conventional economic theory while championing a new kind of cross-disciplinary economics that brings together anthropology, spirituality, science, philosophy, letter-writing, creativity and most importantly, the art of storytelling. 

A hybrid between a manifesto for a global economic reset and the most unusual Economics 101 book you'll ever read, Beautiful Economics: A guide to Gentle World Domination is a must-have for entrepreneurs, Corporate CEOs and the millions of Everyday Economists who want to shape a better world with a better economic story.