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Bright River Trilogy

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Three women find themselves brought together by their powerful attachment to a charming drifter with a passion for freedom this debut novel by Annie Greene.

In the shabby and terrible town of Hooks Crossing, Maryland, three women are connected through the existence of thirty-year old man who is a child a heart. Lilly, Ellen, and Jessie, all for different reasons and at different times have been affected by the drifter known as Darcy, who happens to be Lilly’s son.

Blinded by the intoxicating energy and humor Darcy emits, each woman is drawn to his irresistible charm and positivity as they ease the pain of losses and mistakes in their own lives.

But as there is only so much one man can do, Darcy is inevitably not the savior that the women expect him to be. As his desire for freedom drives him out of town and out of their reach, each woman is left to handle her problems on her own.