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But Enough About You

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American feminist humorist writer Cynthia Heimel shares the secrets and wreckage of urban life for young professionals during the 1980s—including nightclubs, fashion, sex, drugs, and dating, Heimel gives all the details about “everything sacred… with sassy humor and surprising insight” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Really, but enough about you! It is time to listen up and learn a little from the humorous insight Cynthia Heimel has to offer on life as a young adult, or “yuppie” in the 1980s.

From the same author that brought us Sex Tips for Girls and A Girl’s Guide to Chaos, Heimel delivers a book for men and women alike, stripped of all “awesomeness” and “fabulousness.” But Enough About You is merely urbane, hip, hilarious, and all-knowing.

This comical commentary is a necessary addition to your nostalgia shelf and a must-have reference for tips and advice on how to make it in in a world where co-op meetings have replaced consciousness-raising groups and half the population has turned into music video producers. Surely, you must possess a book that declares “Death to those who use boogie down!”

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