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Crystal Oversoul Cards

Attunements for Lightworkers

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A card deck and guidebook set to help you access the higher energies of the Crystal Oversouls and accelerate the awakening process

• Contains 66 beautiful full-color crystal mandala cards for contemplation, meditation, and connecting with the ancient Crystal Oversouls

• The accompanying guidebook provides insight into the meaning of the crystals, including their spiritual and metaphysical properties, associated scents, and their connections to the chakra system as well as the emerging higher chakras

• Includes in-depth meditations and visualizations on each crystal to help readers deepen their relationship with the crystal kingdom

• Offers access to 22 downloadable crystal meditation recordings

The earth is undergoing an immense initiation, part of a great turning within the ever-evolving and unfolding cosmos. The initiation involves not only humanity and all living creatures but also the elemental kingdoms, including the Crystal Oversouls.

Humanity once worked closely with the Crystal Oversouls. They were highly revered within the temples of Lemuria and subsequent times when communication between the inner planes was stronger. As those times have faded in human memory, humanity has also forgotten its history. The Crystal Oversouls hold keys to our awakening and to remembering that we are all beings of light.

Offering a hands-on tool to support you in the awakening process, this card deck and guidebook set features 66 stunning full-color crystal mandalas to help you attune to and communicate with the energies of the ancient Crystal Oversouls. Each card depicts a photographic mandala featuring a different crystal that conveys messages directly into the consciousness of the viewer. The accompanying guidebook offers insight into the meaning of each crystal, including its spiritual and metaphysical properties, its association to scents, and its connections to individual chakras. For each Oversoul card, the guidebook provides an attunement--a meditation or ­visualization--to immerse you in the higher energies of the Oversouls and the crystal kingdom. The book also provides access to 22 downloadable audio meditations.

As we awaken to who we are, we start to see with a much wider awareness, using sensory chakras and layers of our energy bodies, dormant for thousands of years. By working with the Crystal Oversouls, you can actively engage with the cosmos in ways that offer hope and transformation.

What Is an Oversoul?

An Oversoul is the collective soul or master all individual crystals in their field will identify and communicate with. When we work, for example, with a Lemurian seed crystal, we can communicate with its essential soul, its blueprint, which I call an Oversoul.

One of the many questions I had while writing the Oversoul stories was: Why tell their story now? What follows is my interpretation of what they impressed upon me.

Crystal Oversouls are part of the fabric of cosmic creation. They have their own destiny while at the same time their evolution is interlinked with our own. The earth is undergoing an immense initiation, a shift not seen for thousands of years. This initiation involves not only humanity and all living creatures, but also all the elemental kingdoms. It is of cosmic origin, part of a great turning within the ever evolving unfolding of the cosmos.

At some point in the distant past, the Crystal Oversouls worked more closely with humanity. They were highly revered within the temples of Lemuria and subsequent times when communication between the inner planes was stronger. As those times have faded in memory, humanity has also forgotten its unwritten history but still the Crystal Oversouls hold keys to our awakening on the astral planes. They are not the creators of these keys but hold them in their essence until a time comes when we need reminding. They serve to help us expand our horizons, awaken to our greatness, and be the beings of light that we are.

As we awaken to who we are, we start to comprehend from a much wider perspective using sensory chakras and layers of our energy bodies, long forgotten and dormant for thousands of years. With this awakened state comes the realization that we as humans are part of an inter-galactic family that is evolving alongside with the cosmos itself as much as holding responsibility for its care.

A further way to understand an Oversoul is to contemplate mandala forms. When we walk into a place, be it a church, mosque, stone circle, synagogue or any building of spiritual importance we often sense a special presence. This is due to the awareness of the builders of such places and their ability to distill and use sacred geometry, proportions, and harmonic principles in the design process, in order to enhance energy constellations that already existed there. They are seeking to expand and elevate our consciousness via the design to a higher spatial level of awareness. The intricate details of such places are intended to remind us of those principles and underlying patterns of creation that apparently exist within us and the universe itself.

Thus, these places serve to reflect back to us the sacred patterning of manifested creation. When we enter such places our aura feels attracted, senses the awareness underlying these designs and can, if we are open to it, align accordingly.

These same principles apply to the Oversoul temples and templates. Their visual manifestation as mandalas serves a clear purpose and the intricate, never ending and overlapping patterns within each temple mirror their differences and uniqueness. Every fine detail stimulates our consciousness to remember specific aspects of our vastness; to reconnect with the awareness of our being part of a greater unfolding, of our divine self.

Sample Crystal Oversoul Mandala Card Write-Up

Ajoite [The card depicted on the cover]

Chakra: Ninth

Element: Star

For a grid: 12 points

We are vast beings of light that incarnate, in part, in human form. We have traveled many lifetimes and have experienced a multitude of experiences to be here at this time in the turning of human history. A new cycle has begun and each of us is here to help the earth’s transition into a new dimension.

Ajoite’s colouring and character reminds us of our ancient Lemurian light. For some, this is a painful memory, as in subsequent lives after Lemuria, this light was misunderstood and many were persecuted. This burdened memory has led to a reluctance to take on positions of power or responsibility.

By working with this crystal, fears that inhibit the expression of our light in the world are finally healed. Our light can radiate again without attracting negative attention.


Ajoite is the main initiator serving to align us to our original blueprint. The Ajoite Oversoul appears as a vast mandala of complex geometric patterning. To enter the Oversoul’s portal one must pass through its centre.

Inside, one sees the temple, formed by a vast vibrant liquid light that to our eye takes on the colour turquoise.

Within the temple 12 Ajoite beings, who are the Oversouls, gather and begin to chant their initiation codes. They invite us to lie down on the Ajoite crystal table. Once we have relaxed on the crystal table, the Oversouls place Ajoite crystals upon the ninth chakra and the throat region of our body.

Any codes that we have left in these temples now can be recalled by us as we start to remember. The walls of the temples are liquid light and anchored deep within their geometry is information we had left here for another, later age; and slowly it starts to take shape and reveal itself to our conscious minds. Sound and light penetrate our cells, reawakening us to the potential left behind in an ancient time. Simultaneously, the element of Star is activated within us, which spins its wheels and aligns with earth, air, fire and water.

The ninth chakra downloads light data that we left in safe keeping within this temple. We awaken with a wider perspective and an enhanced sense of who we really are. Each time we return to the Ajoite temple we retrieve more of our codes and navigational tools.

Michael has been the Chair of ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations) 2009-2014 and was the Chair of CTC Crystal Therapy Council. He teaches two year crystal healing diplomas as well as post graduate classes for the School of Soul Medicine.

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