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Decoding the Enochian Secrets

God's Most Holy Book to Mankind as Received by Dr. John Dee from Angelic Messengers

Commentator John DeSalvo

The ultimate source text of Enochian Magic never before available in book form

• Contains the actual and complete Tables of Enoch given to Dr. John Dee by the Angels

• Explains the difference between Dee’s Tables of Enoch and the apocryphal Book of Enoch

• Includes directions for powerful magic rituals and meditations using these tables

• Presents a reconstruction of the possible 49th missing Table of Enoch

Originally considered a vital part of inspirational literature used by the early church, the Book of Enoch never made it into the cannon or accepted books of the Old Testament because of its strange and mysterious content about Enoch’s experiences in the higher realms, or heavens. The real Book of Enoch, which is a set of almost 100 mystical tables, was given again to humankind in the 1580s, when it was conveyed directly by angels to Dr. John Dee, a 16th-century mathematician, scientist, occultist, and the astrologer of Queen Elizabeth I. Called “the most important book ever given to man by God” by Dee’s angelic messengers, the Book (or Tables) of Enoch is said to hold all the secrets of heaven and earth and the physical and spiritual realms.

Decoding the Enochian Secrets reproduces for the first time ever the exact and complete copy of these tables, which are housed in the British Library. The tables are written in the handwriting of Dr. Dee and Edward Kelly, Dee’s assistant and scryer. The tables also include the phonetic pronunciations, written by Dee in the margins, of all the magical Enochian Calls. Covering the history of this Book or Tables of Enoch, John DeSalvo explains the difference between these tables and the apocryphal Book of Enoch and examines how later magicians such as Aleister Crowley used them. Including Enochian Magic Meditations and rituals, Decoding the Enochian Secrets presents the source text to the most powerful form of magic known to mankind.

“John DeSalvo’s work is truly a significant contribution to our understanding of Dee and Kelley’s amazing experiences.”

– Lon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magick

“By all accounts, Dr. John Dee played a major role in world history, shaping politics, scientific thought, and occultism for centuries. The highly influential ‘Enochian’ system of magic originated in his ‘mystical experiments,’ of which he kept meticulous records. Yet the centerpiece of his system has never before been published--an enigmatic book that Dee clearly regarded as a monumental gift from God to humanity, communicated through his angels. John DeSalvo has done a wonderful job putting together all the pieces scattered throughout Dee’s manuscripts, including an accessible and systematic introduction. DeSalvo provides valuable suggestions for exploring the book, including meditations and spiritual exercises developed over his many years of investigating Dee’s published and unpublished works. Definitely recommended.”

– Joseph Peterson, author of John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery

“Scientist DeSalvo begins with a scholarly, yet understandable, discussion and comparison of the various Books of Enoch. (There is a substantial bibliography to back up the discussion.)”

– Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, December 2010

“. . . Decoding the Enochian Secrets is an important book for anyone serious about the study of Dee, his angels, and their magic.”

– Joe Nolan,, February 2011

“John DeSalvo's passion for this topic comes through his writing as he explains some of the stories. . . he is well versed on this topic and his extended research shows through his words.”

– Irene Watson, Reader Views, February 2011

“. . . John DeSalvo will blow your mind with his meticulous research and attention to detail . . . you must own this book.”

–, April 2011

“. . . an intriguing, detailed and unique survey.”

– Midwest Book Review, May 2011