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Doorway to the Soul

How to Have a Profound Spiritual Experience


A powerful guide to spiritual enlightenment -- includes a separate meditation cassette.
Throughout the ages, human beings have searched for the key to the mystery of life. In Doorway to the Soul, distinguished spiritual psychologist Dr. Ron Scolastico tells that the key is in your hand. It is the power of your consciousness.
This inspiring program will teach you how to use the key of consciousness to unlock the secrets of the spiritual dimensions of reality. On tape one Dr. Scolastico gives a potent, step-by-step method for inwardly exploring the very foundations of existence, revealing how you can discover the true meaning and purpose of life through an inner engagement with the spiritual forces that sustain life on earth. On tape two, Dr. Scolastico gently guides you through two healing attunements you can return to again and again. Practiced regularly, he explains, this type of spiritual work can help you:

  • heal painful mental and emotional patterns that block your personal and spiritual growth
  • deepen your love for yourself and others
  • lead you to enhanced creativity and strengthened intuition.
  • have a profound experience of spiritual realities

Spiritual guidance and comfort are available from your soul in every moment. Bring this powerful approach to meditation into your life and feel the love and wisdom of your soul every day.