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Ending Hunger

The quest to feed the world without destroying it

Published by Oneworld Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Is worldwide famine just around the corner? And do I really have to go vegan?

‘A provocative vision.’ Sunday Times

Nutritionists tell you to eat more fish. Environmentalists tell you to eat less fish. Apparently they are both right. It's the same thing with almonds, or quinoa, or a hundred other foods. But is it really incumbent on us as individuals to resolve this looming global catastrophe?

From plastic packaging to soil depletion to flatulent cows, we are bombarded with information about the perils of our food system. Drawing on years of experience within the food industry, Anthony Warner invites us to reconsider what we think we know. In Ending Hunger, he uncovers the parallels between eating locally and 1930s fascism, promotes the potential for good in genetic modification and dispels the assumption that population growth is at the heart of our planetary woes.

‘A provocative vision.’

– Sunday Times

‘This is an important book, and a good one. It’s ambitious and well-researched and timely… Food science can be a dry topic, but Warner manages to make it an entertaining one.’

– Spectator on The Angry Chef

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