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Evolutionary Leadership

Dynamic Ways to Make Your Corporate Culture Fast and Flexible


Written by one of the world's leading management consultants, Evolutionary Leadership offers a vibrant style of leadership that will enlighten executives and inspire them to rethink their companies in an ever-changing economy. With business practices changing every day, companies must create environments of speed and flexibility that will engage employees and allow radical ideas to thrive. Susan Annunzio takes readers beyond typical management-speak, offering a blueprint for leading by

  • promoting environments that succeed amid constant change.
  • igniting passion for saving America's traditional businesses.
  • thinking about where your company is heading and how to get there.

With real-world examples, Annunzio shows how to create a more productive working environment by attacking traditional priorities in unconventional ways.

Ellen Knapp vice chairman, CIO, PricewaterhouseCoopers An intriguing combination of entertaining stories and an easy-to-follow structure...well researched, well written, and exceptionally well timed.

Alan Weber Fast Company Annunzio gets down to the serious work of talking about the mind flips that leaders have to make just to survive, never mind flourish, in business today...She ends each chapter with coaching tips, diagnostics, and other tools.

Doug Merritt president and CEO of Icarian, Inc. Evolutionary filled with practical recommendations and immediate insights to help make your workforce your company's most important asset.

Publishers Weekly Annunzio gives a rare and detailed treatment of the workplace relationship between generations X and Y.

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