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Fantastic Fungi Pencil Pouch

(Gifts for Mushroom Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers, Cute Stationery, Back to School Supplies)

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Celebrate the magical, strange, and beautiful kingdom of mushrooms with this pencil pouch. Take your stationery, art supplies, and more on the go.

HIGH-QUALITY COTTON BLEND WITH INTERIOR NYLON LINING: This cotton blend pencil pouch is made to last with a nylon interior and a durable zipper.
UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Featuring beautiful full-color designs to match the dizzying beauty of the world’s mushrooms and fungi. .
PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: Ideal for kids, students, and adults alike, this pencil pouch is great for lovers of mushrooms and nature everywhere.
DISCOVER FANTASTIC FUNGI: Beautifully illustrated, this pencil pouch celebrates the incredible network of mycelium under our feet. Mycelium has the proven ability to restore the planet’s ecosystems, repair our health, and connect us to the earth. An increased appreciation of mycelium and its power will resurrect our symbiotic relationship with nature.

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