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Fighting Infertility

Finding My Inner Warrior Through Trying to Conceive, IVF, and Miscarriage


Samantha Busch, wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, knows the thrill of the racing circuit. She also knows the profound pain of infertility, and shares both in this deeply moving story where faith, family, love, and loss intersect.

As Samantha and Kyle’s public lives grew more visible, their private life was being torn apart. The fear, shame, and uncertainty of their fertility problems took its toll on them as individuals and as a couple. The stigma and lack of a safe place to speak publicly about their challenges created a cyclone of emotions that threatened everything they held dear. Through this strife, they learned how to build a stronger relationship, a deeper faith, to find the humor behind the tears, and discovered a passion for helping people to access fertility treatments.

Breaking the silence and overcoming the stigma, Samantha Busch reveals her battle with infertility, the birth of her son, and her public miscarriage after IVF. She shares practical advice and inspiring stories of her infertility-driven life.

Miscarriage can be devastating, and miscarriage after IVF is a pain so many couples bear in silence. But by sharing the pain and grief, we can find community, acceptance, and—if we are lucky—peace.