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Going, Going, Gone!

An Eden Davis eQuickie


When a celebrity auction for a charity fundraiser presents the hottest man in Hollywood, three women must answer one question—how much would you bid for a star-studded night of pleasure?

Lena Macy, Livia Charles, and Aleesa Davis attend a celebrity auction to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. At the cocktail hour prior to the event, the women peruse the auction catalog. A collective gasp is heard around the bar. Up for auction among the local news anchors and radio personalities, is the star of the runaway blockbuster Killing Me Softly, the up-and-coming Hollywood hottie, Lorenzo Dora. Blessed with Lamman Rucker's stupendously dimpled smile, Idris Elba’s “how you like me now” swagger, and Dwayne Johnson’s “Rock” hard physique, Lorenzo is sex personified, and tempting eye candy for three women whose candy jars have been empty of late. While the other celebrities are being auctioned off, the girlfriends are lost in their own blissful fantasies, each imagining the perfect night with this world-class heartthrob.

From the first-class cabin on a transatlantic flight to a dark and delicious alleyway, readers of this Eden Davis quickie will find themselves imagining (and instigating) a little pleasurable bidding of their own.

Eden Davis writes erotica for women of a certain age who are looking for a private and pleasurable reading experience. She lives in the New York area.

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