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Healing Sounds

The Power of Harmonics

Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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The first book to explain from both scientific and spiritual perspectives the healing and transformative powers of harmonics.

• Includes practical exercises demonstrating how to use sound in healing and meditation, including "Vowels as Mantras" and "Overtoning".

• Describes how harmonics can be used as "sonic yoga" for meditation and deep relaxation to enhance energy.

• Author won 1999 Visionary Awards for Best Healing-Meditation Album.

The Mystery Schools of Egypt, Greece, and Rome understood that vibration is the fundamental active force in the universe and developed specific chants and tones for healing the mind, body, and spirit and achieving altered states of consciousness. Overtone chanting--also called vocal harmonics--is the ability of the human voice to create two or more notes at the same time. Healing Sounds explains how to perform vocal harmonics and experience their transformative and curative powers.

An internationally recognized master teacher, the author provides diverse examples of sound healing systems incorporating both mystical and medical traditions--from Tibetan monks' use of tantric harmonics to Dr. Alfred Tomatis' use of Gregorian chanting--and their capacity to affect us on all levels. With many easy-to-follow exercises, Healing Sounds is the first book to show from both the scientific and spiritual viewpoints how to use the transformative power of sound for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

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We are living in extraordinary times; times of enormous shifts in awareness, times of great changes in culture and society, times of planetary evolution. Some would say that vibrational modulations are occurring. Others would say that it is earth changes. And yet others would say that it is the end of the millennium blues. I like to talk about frequency shifts and their relationship to people and the planet. For many different reasons, we are waking up, becoming aware. About ourselves. About human potential. About creating a better world. About changing reality. Sound plays a key role in these times, for sound is helping us adjust to the frequency shifts that are occurring on so many levels.

Jonathan Goldman is an award-winning musician, composer, writer, teacher, and chant master. An authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics, he is the author of several books and the founder and director of the Sound Healers Association. He has created numerous albums including the first studio recordings of the Dalai Lama's Gyume Tibetan monks, the first recording featuring dolphin sounds, and the award-winning Chakra Chants. He pioneered many sound therapy techniques now used worldwide, including "Vowels As Mantras" and "Overtoning." Jonathan leads Healing Sounds Seminars throughout the United States and Europe and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

"The creator of Dolphin Dreams and Chakra Chants recordings examines the purest form of therapeutic sound--harmonics--in his latest book, Healing Sounds. . . . His personal revelations and direct writing style make this an exceptional introduction to a fascinating field."

– Whole Life Times

"Healing Sounds is a great gift for humankind. It is of benefit now and for the future."

– Kitaro, Grammy Award-winning composer

"Gives a glimpse into the incredible potential of vocal harmonics and toning as a tool for self-health and transformation."

– Nexus, September-October 2003, Vol.10 No.5

"A scholarly treatise on the subject of harmonics plus a concise how to guide, all in one volume."

– Christina Eisenberg, Pangaia, Winter 2003

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