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Healing with Light Frequencies

The Transformative Power of Star Magic

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Access high-vibrational Consciousness Codes to heal your body and mind

• Explains how to work with extraterrestrial light frequencies to clear, energize, uplift, and empower your body and mind and speed up the healing process

• Offers basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, with step-by-step illustrations, exercises, meditations, and real-life cases of Star Magic transformations

• Illustrates holograph blueprints, pineal gland activation, and how to work with the Mer-ka-ba field to turbocharge your life, as well as many other powerful techniques

Star Magic Healing aligns you with high-vibrational Consciousness Codes and extraterrestrial light frequencies that expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process. Present on Earth in ancient Egyptian times, these Codes will transform your inner world and, in turn, upgrade your external reality. Through a series of major life events, Jerry Sargeant has reawakened this advanced soul technology and shares it here to help unleash the full potential of every living being.

Jerry reveals how to connect with and harness extraterrestrial light frequencies to energize, uplift, and consciously empower your own life, others, and the planet. The author shares practical Star Magic Healing tools with step-by-step illustrations as well as visualizations, exercises, and meditations to shift your vibration and bring about rapid healing that lasts. He discusses holographic blueprints, pineal gland activation, quantum knowledge, parallel realities, shadow parasites, and the impact of crystals and sacred geometry. Offering basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, the author explains how to work at the cellular level, clearly demonstrating how advanced healing is readily available for everyone. Learn how to activate your Mer-ka-ba field and open up to infinite streams of abundance. Jerry also shares real-life case studies, recounting how he has used high-vibrational light frequencies to successfully remove tumors, restore eyesight, heal hearts and relationships, and supercharge businesses for massive success.

Star Magic offers an opportunity to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your life purpose. Star Magic Codes of Consciousness will connect you to the frequency of unconditional love, unleashing colossal inner wisdom and super-heightened awareness that enable you to manifest your perfect reality quickly. We each have the ancient power to heal and transform within us, and Star Magic offers the key to unleashing this power.


Chapter 16. Basic Healing Ways and Visualizations

I am going to share with you a variety of ways, some more basic, others more advanced, as well as a selection of intermediary ways to bridge the gap between the two. (I use the term “way” as it is expansive; a method, program, or system is rigid, with boundaries and limitations.) I will share ways that you can use to facilitate the healing of others and ways that you can use to facilitate your own healing.

These ways come in the form of visualizations. Remember your imagination is reality. There are so many creative ways to create health by changing the pattern of a disease, injury, or illness as well as enhance business performance and relationships.

These following visualizations are all very basic ways and you can practice with them straight away. They will get you into the right space, so you can start to use your imagination and intention in a simple fashion. They will set you up perfectly to use the more advanced ways, which are not really advanced. I say they are advanced as they require a little more letting go. Please practice with the basic ways first before going onto the more advanced options later in the book. It will build your confidence.

It is important to know that when you are utilizing all of the following visualizations that you keep your hands on the hologram to feel when the ailment has subsided. For example, if someone has a stiff shoulder and I run my hands over their hologram, the two places on their body where my hands are drawn to will feel tingly, stiff, stuck, or some sensation that you feel or see is not right. Sometimes by simply acknowledging that this area needs to be sorted the light re-arranges itself and it just happens. Not always though. And when it doesn’t you can use your imagination until it does. Once you remember how to feel and see what floats into your consciousness you can use it until the feelings on your hands subside. The stuckness or magnetic pull or the tingly feeling will simply disappear and you know that there has been a shift. Sometimes it will show up in the physical body instantaneously and other times it filters in over days or weeks, sometimes longer.

The following visualizations demonstrate how you can utilize your imagination and play around with creative ways in the quantum field to create change in the physical reality of someone you are facilitating the healing of. Remember the observer affects the observed. When your intention and knowing is powerful enough you will create miracles.

Explosions of Love

First, imagine the human being’s body or hologram you are facilitating the healing of. Let’s say they have a tumor. You can imagine packing the inside of their body with sticks or blocks of dynamite. This dynamite is created by love. You pack the sticks or blocks (which I see in the shape of hearts) into the body, all around the area that needs healing. Once that is packed I will spread a few random pieces of dynamite throughout the body. Then with my imaginary detonator, I will blow them up, and then I see an explosion of white light.

The entire body turns to light and totally disappears. It’s important that you don’t combat the tumor. To do so would enhance its strength. What you are doing is creating a different reality. I have cleared many tumors with this method--it works. The more intense the explosion and the more vivid it is in your imagination, the “realer” it becomes. You will see, after using this way, that imagination really is reality. Do not use force with this method. Use love.

After the first explosion, if you can still see some of the tumor left, go again. I have had sessions whereby the tumor has cleared with one explosion. Other times it’s taken several healing sessions using the same way. I will combine this with the “Split Body Way” I share in a later chapter, which is an advanced way. These two, combined, work wonders. The explosions of love eliminate the symptoms and sometimes the cause, but the Split Body Way will always eliminate the cause. Together they are very powerful.


Injections of light are easy to administer and are great for any aches, pains, and injuries. They work with broken bones, swellings of any kind, knees, elbows, or shoulder strains. They are great with fibromyalgia. If you use this way with fibromyalgia you may want to use the “Split Body Way” too.

These are so simple. You visualize a syringe, full of light, and inject it into the person’s body. If your client has an area that needs attention, you will probably see this as stagnant black energy or it may show up as a color that is different from the rest of the body. Simply inject the white light into that area and see it transform the body back into alignment with the rest of the energy. As you begin to use Star Magic more and more, you will start to see the body as a vibrating mass of energy.

This is the next level of Star Magic, and once you move across to this level, facilitating a healing is even easier.


This is great for the nervous system or anything neurological. It is perfect also for stimulating limbs that may have suffered in an accident. Simply visualize lightning crackling down from the sky. See it hitting the top of the human being’s head, and start to stimulate the nervous system. See the energy travel down through the brain, down the spine, along the arms and legs until the entire nervous system is glowing. If you have reached the level of seeing the nervous system, you will see it turn from red to green. If you can’t, it will still work.

About The Author

Jerry Sargeant discovered the ability to heal after a serious road traffic accident, led him on his spiritual journey where he remembered the power of Star Magic. Using an extra-terrestrial light frequency Jerry has successfully removed tumors, restored eye sight, dissolved fibromyalgia and more.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (June 23, 2020)
  • Length: 260 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644111093

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Raves and Reviews

“‘Expect the unexpected,’ Jerry Sargeant states in his book Healing with Light Frequencies, and I sincerely invite you to do just that. In his vision and approach of healing, the author moves way beyond what many people may see as possible during treatments. As a result, he encourages the individual to explore and embody his or her full healing potential as well as the full potential as an incarnated human being.”

– TJITZE DE JONG, Brennan Healing Science practitioner and author of Energetic Cellular Healing and Ca

“There are many people who have written books on self-healing, but there are very few indeed who introduce the subject area of quantum energy--the field and how to access it. Fewer still who show you, once there, how to create verifiable results in the physical world. In his book Healing with Light Frequencies Jerry does just this. He goes into great depth, showing you how to interact with this wonderful space and how you can use the quantum world to instigate incredible life changes. I have used Jerry’s tools and techniques and have seen amazing results. Results that have had others saying, ‘Wow! What did you just do?’ Jerry has turned what is a complex subject into child’s play. It’s fun and exciting. It’s pure genius.”

– KIM HUMPHRIES, pharmacist

“As a doctor I am aware of the medical field’s limitations. I was searching for answers, and Healing with Light Frequencies gave me insights on healing techniques that are very powerful and have produced remarkable clinical results. During a healing session with a stroke victim suffering from paralysis, my colleagues and I could see visible effects. The cells, tissues, and organs each produced certain collective frequencies when working with the light frequencies of Star Magic. All levels of the mind and body achieved rapid shifts. Star Magic has enabled me to heal with no medication and no referral for surgery. Everything healed using the energy of Star Magic and the tools within Healing with Light Frequencies. What I achieved as a doctor using Star Magic were fast, physical, and verifiable results. Thank you, Jerry Sargeant, for the amazing teachings and this life-changing book.”

– DR. VANDANA RANNJJI ASHAR, B.H.M.S., Access Body Process facilitator and energy healer

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