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I Am Definitely, Probably Enough (I Think)

Revelations on the Journey to Self-Love

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Begin your journey to self-love with inspiring messages of hope as well as actionable moments from Instagram artist Tori Press.

Life is a journey. And even though everyone’s journey is different and unique, we all share one thing that binds us together—our search for self-acceptance and self-love.

Half the time, we feel like we have no idea what we’re doing—and that’s okay. It’s something that author and Instagram artist Tori Press knows all too well. In I Am Definitely, Probably Enough (I Think), Press uses the power of image to tackle the major themes in her life that keep her from loving herself—questions about self-worth, fluctuating self-esteem, anxiety, depression, external pressures from society, body image, and so on. She may not have all the answers, but she’s trying, and half the time that’s all that really matters.

Practicing self-love takes patience, devotion, and a little bit of heart. Now you can be inspired by the honest advice and understanding Press provides to help you continue, or even start, your own journey to self-love.

Tori Press is a mother, entrepreneur, yogi, science enthusiast, neurotic human person, and an artist who is still getting used to calling herself an artist. For ten years she worked as a freelance graphic designer before closing down her business and buying a sketchbook and a set of markers to begin drawing pictures inspired by her yoga practice. Since then, she has been on an extraordinary adventure of growth, self-discovery, and human connection. She draws about what it's like to be a human being: the good, the bad, and mostly the vulnerable, and to help herself cultivate more mindfulness, joy, gratitude, and self-acceptance. She hopes her art helps shine a little light for you on your own path as well.

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