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Introduction to Teaching with Webex


Learn to take your classroom curriculum digital using Cisco Webex’s unique video conferencing features to create engaging lessons, collaborative activities, and more.

Introduction to Teaching with Webex will help teachers of all grade levels master the basics of communication and education using the Cisco Webex video conferencing service. Learn how to connect with students, record your Webex meetings, control access to lessons, contribute to live chat streams, and conduct webinars. Webex newbie? No worries! Experienced educator and author M. Jane takes readers step-by-step through the most common Webex features and terminology. 

Packed with tips, tricks, troubleshooting, helpful screenshots, and activity ideas to keep students of all ages engaged, this book is indispensable as the future of teaching continues to evolve. 

M. Jane is an educator and writer. She has recently served as an programs ambassador to the U.S. National Office for the Department of Labor to develop distance learning practices that serve underprivileged populations. She has evaluated and developed academic and crisis mitigating community programs, and taught for a number of years at a university in Washington State. She holds a Masters Degree in Education and co-leads a residential education and training academy for disadvantaged youth. She is passionate about viewing education as a human service. M. Jane lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two children.