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The 21-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Increase Your Energy and Enthusiasm for Life


Denise Austin, the star of Getting Fit with Denise Austin, wants you to JumpStart to a new, healthier lifestyle!

In JumpStart, Denise shows you how to lose weight, tone your body, and lose inches safely and quickly. You'll get energized, adopt an eating and exercise plan you can live with, and learn the secrets of lasting weight loss. Denise knows what you want: a simple plan to help you lose weight and get fit that adapts to your hectic lifestyle. In Jumpstart, she acts as your own personal nutritionist, trainer, and motivator, providing:

• "Deniseology," -- Denise's own inspirational words to keep you on track
• Real-life examples of those who have successfully followed her plan
• Tips on exactly what to eat, with choices that fit into your lifestyle

Don't delay -- with Denise Austin's JumpStart, you can be on your way to a better body and a better attitude today!

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