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Make a Difference

The Founder of the "I Have a Future Program" Shares His Vision for Young America

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From the founder of the “I Have a Future Program” comes a memoir recounting his notable career as a physician and experience as a controversial nominee for surgeon general as Dr. Henry W. Foster, Jr. shares his vision for the youth of America.

Between the pages of Make a Difference, readers will find a notable physician’s views on racism, teen pregnancy, health care, self-esteem, and many other issues as they read through this memoir serving as a prescription for change.

In this retelling of his remarkable life, Henry W. Foster, Jr., shares the story of his tireless efforts to impact the youth of America through details of his brilliant career as a physician and the story of his controversial and unsuccessful campaign for confirmation as surgeon general by the Senate.

With a history of positive influence on every community and environment he has served, Foster shares the skills and qualities he has found most important in defeating obstacles over the course of his career in medicine.