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From the award-winning avatar of contemporary urban theater and author of such modern classics as Talk Radio and subUrbia comes this outrageous novel about five suburbanites whose lives intersect in one violent and life-altering night -- at the local mall.
Mal, a thirtysomething speed freak, shoots his mother, torches his house, and heads to the local mall with a sack of weapons and a plan for more mayhem. Danny, a voyeuristic businessman with a fetish for young underwear models, is caught by mall security peeking into dressing rooms at JCPenney. Jeff, a teenager with existential troubles, drops acid and departs on a philosophical nightmare. Donna, a hungry, unsettled housewife, is on the lookout for a one-night stand. Michel, a Haitian immigrant and mall security guard, seeks salvation. All long for a kind of satisfaction, and this longing leads them to the modern plaza of possibility, the shopping mall, where their appetites converge in explosive ways.
Satirical and provocative, Mall is an eye-opening look at suburban life and the idea of "normalcy." In this, his first novel, Eric Bogosian delivers a dark, hilarious, and biting commentary on an American culture fraught with sex, drugs, violence, and congested thinking.

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Eric Bogosian is the author of Mall, the plays Talk Radio, subUrbia and Griller, and the Obie Award-winning solo performances Drinking in America, Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead and Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll. He is the recipient of the Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Award, a Drama Desk Award, and two NEA fellowships. An actor who has appeared in more than a dozen feature films and television shows, Bogosian lives in New York City.

L. S. Klepp Entertainment Weekly The detail is corrosively precise, and the merciless satirical vision takes you deep into the dark heart of the American dream.

Janet Maslin The New York Times Caustic, fast-paced...Adapting himself to fiction with much of the same garrulous intensity he brings to plays and monologues, Mr. Bogosian sets in motion a suburban nightmare.

Robert J. Hughes The Wall Street Journal Keeps the reader captivated...the writing is crisp and piercing....But what's most remarkable here is the hope [Bogosian] manages to elicit from the carnage.

Peter Lefcourt Author of The Woody If Dante's ninth circle of Hell is too tame for you, you'll like the suburban underworld in Mall. Visceral and perversely funny, Eric Bogosian proves that reading is a contact sport.

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