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Manifesting Michelangelo

The True Story of a Modern-Day Miracle--That May Make All Change Possible


The True Story Behind Manifesting Michelangelo:

At the dawn of the new millennium, Joseph Pierce Farrell made a startling discovery that redefines what it means to be human and holds the potential to transform the world.

Having abandoned his childhood dream of a career in healthcare when he was a young man, he drifted into a humble job restoring antiques and furniture. Then one evening while working in his basement studio restoring the face of a church statue, he stumbled upon his discovery. Immersed in the meditative process of sculpting, he permitted his mind to dream with the unlimited imagination of a child, and he envisioned how wonderful it would be if he could restore a real child’s face with the same God-given artistry with which he was restoring the sculpture. In that moment, he experienced a brilliant blinding flash that ignited within him a remarkable power.

Since that transformative moment, he has realized the profound capacity to wield spirit, like a gifted sculptor wields tools, to restore the severely disfigured features on a young man’s face, virtually erase an inoperable brain tumor, and mend shattered bones in limbs —simply with intention and a profound connection to a higher source.

For nearly a decade, he has continued to demonstrate his gift in clinical settings under the supervision of medical doctors.   Now endorsed by leading scientists and medical doctors, and supported by profound photos, Farrell’s body of evidence has served to construct a bridge to allow science and spirituality to heal their divide and advance the acceptance of the emerging integrative healthcare model. His discovery has the capacity to alter science, transform the face of healthcare and forever redefine the limits of human potential.  

This unprecedented book chronicles Farrell’s journey of discovery and poignantly illustrates profound stories of human transformation.  He outlines an easy-to-follow five step process that readers can use to ignite within themselves their own capacity to manifest change in their lives and chosen fields of endeavor. 

Heralding a message of unlimited possibilities, Manifesting Michelangelo presents a compelling body of evidence that supports what science is now beginning to embrace, what the great artists have always known, and what spiritual traditions have long represented — that we all possess the capacity to manifest on the level of the miraculous.  It is the first book, that asks us to believe—based not on faith alone, but on documented evidence—that we as a species have the capacity to literally manifest the change in the world that our conscience decrees and our hearts desire.

Photograph by Christian Nicolas

Joseph “JP” Pierce Farrell, MDiv, DTh, FAACSS, is an award-winning pioneer in healthcare, research scientist, professor, and bestselling author. Dr. JP Farrell is recognized internationally for his reputation to consistently deliver Rapid Healing, Rapid Rehabilitation, and Rapid Non-Surgical Aesthetic health benefits. Dr. JP Farrell’s international clientele have included Fortune 50 CEOs, Chairmen of major pharmaceutical corporations, an Ambassador to the United States, royalty, physicians and their family members, movie and televisions stars, supermodels, professional athletes, and pro-bono work for first responders, and the burned and disfigured. Dr. JP Farrell has been published in multiple journals and periodicals, and is the internationally bestselling author of Manifesting Michelangelo, the memoir of his journey, training, and realization of the capacity to deliver Rapid Healings and Rapid Non-Invasive Aesthetic Improvement solely through a non-invasive Mind-Body-Spirit approach.