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Matzo Balls for Breakfast and Other Memories of Growing Up Jewish


Alan King -- the beloved comic, actor, producer, author, philanthropist, and storyteller extraordinaire -- has compiled a wonderfully readable book about growing up Jewish, with totally original contributions by famous people. Combining warmhearted humor with a prideful nostalgia, these essays discuss life in the Jewish family and neighborhood, being a Jew in a non-Jewish world, Jewish holidays, and discovering the essence of being Jewish.

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Alan King conceived and developed this book in the period of time before he died, in May 2004. It would be his final accomplishment in a lifetime of prolific achievement.

"If America's community of Jewish luminaries -- a motley crew of politicians, comedians, historians, actors, and writers -- could sit at one long table to nosh and tell stories, the gathering would read a lot like Matzo Balls for Breakfast."
-- Forward

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