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Modern Merlin

Uncover Your Magical Powers

Foreword by Natalie Ledwell
Published by Beyond Words
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book


Do you want to learn how to spark your magical powers? Modern Merlin will bring you on a journey to uncover and unlock your universal mind and soul, teaching you how to use your inner magic deliberately and skillfully.

The world is changing every moment. Are you having a hard time keeping up? Do you understand how these changes may be adding extra stress and confusion to your life? Modern Merlin shows you how to navigate the constant changes with ease and a little magic!

Lon expertly takes complex topics like magic, manifestation, multidimensionality, energy, sacred geometry, and the law of attraction, and makes them simple, clear, and easy to understand, enabling readers to discover the sacred patterns that construct our lives and relationships.

The tools in Modern Merlin will help you create depth, reason, and purpose beyond your existing belief systems, supporting you as you explore new paradigms and create expanded ways of thinking and feeling. Modern Merlin gives you what you need to use your magic deliberately and skillfully so you can be in full cocreation with the universe.

About The Author

Photo courtesy of the author.

Lon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist, author of Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magic, which won a COVR award, and creator of two bestselling oracle decks: the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, recipient of a Nautilus book award, and the Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle, recipient of a COVR award. As founder of Lon Art, she offers tools for transformation, readings, an online course, and personal Soul Portraits that connect you to your soul purpose. Lon’s work inspires original thought and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life and become the best possible version of yourself. For more information, visit

Product Details

  • Publisher: Beyond Words (December 7, 2021)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781582708515

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Raves and Reviews

“Embrace your magical self as a reality in your life! Modern Merlin brings to life the understanding of the unseen world of mathematics and sacred geometry as it pertains to the deeper workings of our human-ness. Lon, with eloquence and clarity, has brought to light the essence of a transformative journey into healing and wellness. Modern Merlin provides a fun and interactive experience as Lon facilitates deep personal healing on a multidimensional level while providing knowledge and ancient wisdom from that magical place that resides in all of us."

– —Dr. Barrie Sands, DVM, CVA, HMCT, veterinarian, scientist, speaker, author, and founder of Illumina Sciencia, Bridging the Gap between Science and Mysticism for Humans and Animals

“As a master facilitator and adept artist, Lon has an exceptional, elegant, and yet practical methodology for integrating one’s purpose into the expression of the mystical transformative realm. What you will encounter and what will become your subsequent journey can only be described as magical.”

– —Dr. Patricia Murray Suzuki, QME, CEO, founder of Distinctive Medical Solutions

“Lon, yet again, illuminates us with her wisdom and understanding of the seen and unseen world. Throughout her life, she has guided so many of us through layers of personal elevation and has witnessed the magic that unfolds. Modern Merlin is an extension of that and provides a bridge from the old way of thinking to new perspectives and opportunities that reside within. Saying yes to Modern Merlin is giving yourself permission to co-create with the energies of life and reveal your greatest expression.”

– —Nada Nabulsi, RN, BSN, PCCN

“As a thirty-year student of conscious creation, I found it easy to recognize Lon as a true teacher whose wisdom can guide us in navigating the accelerating energy of our times. Lon offers an intelligent and enticing invitation to awaken to the magic of intentionally co-creating and manifesting our visions, our dreams, and the joyful experiences we desire. I love this book, enjoy!”

– —Deborah Smith, serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rewardify, Inc.

“Get ready for a great adventure! Join Lon as she takes you on a magical spiritual journey to the depths of your soul and the heights of your possibilities. Your life will be richer and fuller, and blessings will abound. Thank you, Lon for showing us the way to love and holiness.”

– —Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD, author of Radical Loving and The Real Name of God

“There is no better authority on the subject of materializing dreams into reality than Lon. She’s turned the magic of manifesting into a playbook that’s simple, clear, and easy to embody. This book is a must-read.”

– —Alexander Ryker, Next-Gen Leaders, business growth coach

“This is not only a book about making magic, but also a magical book, which has the power to transform our world. It takes a true master to be able to explain how magic works, and Lon is that master magician. Hold her hand—she will take you into that multidimensional realm where everything is absolutely possible!”

– —Ellen Kaufman Dosick, LCSW, channel and author of the Cosmic Times—Spiritual News You Can Use

“Lon is the definition of a Modern Merlin with her Soul Portraits, her oracle decks, and now this book! Dive into this step-by-step guide for discovering your own magic, moving past the ego stories that are holding you back and becoming one with the Universe. Once you dive in and implement this work, you will become a magnet for your desires by learning how to align your energy with what you wish to create. Let the magic begin! You won’t be able to put Modern Merlin down.”

– —Emily Haas, online business coach for coaches

Modern Merlin offers amazing insights and powerful tools for anyone that is into self-development and empowerment.”

– —Jenna Phillips Ballard, cofounder of Ascension Leadership Academy

Modern Merlin will take you on a magnificent journey into the world of ancient wisdom, contemporary magic, multidimensionality, and manifestation. Lon’s impeccable translation of the language of the Universe will deeply impact you and provide you with the insights and tools to support your life.”

– —Torey Wolford, transformational coach at Ascension Leadership Academy

“Amazing! Lon’s transcendence has crossed the boundaries between science and spirituality for the third time. First when she created my Soul Portrait, again with her oracle decks, and now with Modern Merlin, where magic and the mind meet. This work bridges the conscious and unconscious mind in a profound way that will manifest into your life.”

– —Susan Welch, senior engineer, owner of SOUL2SPIRIT, and creator of Dream Alchemy

“Lon’s book, Modern Merlin, and course, provide us with the necessary tools to live the life we all desire. Thank you, Lon, for developing the steps to make magic real for everyone.”

– —Seymour Koblin, HHP, founder, director, instructor, and practitioner at the International School of Healing Arts and author of Shaping Our Destiny

“In an ever more rapidly imploding 3D world, Lon’s work reminds us of who we really are—divine beings. Modern Merlin gives us tools to go ever deeper, to remember who we are, and to access those resources within to be our most authentic selves in these all too interesting times.”

– —Erika Paleck, director, West Oregon Electric Cooperative

“You may already know Lon for her sacred geometry activations and oracle decks, but now there is another way to play with the magic of multidimensionality. Modern Merlin will help you step even further into your own power, shift limiting beliefs, and reclaim your divine right as a sovereign being. Let the magical games begin!”

– —Siobhan Wilcox, bestselling author of Thrive Now Blueprint and founder of Sacred Wisdom Academy

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