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More Dad Stuff

Shedloads More Ideas for Dads

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Although DAD STUFF was packed to the gills with ideas for fathers to keep children entertained, it barely scratched the surface. MORE DAD STUFF has magic, puzzles, things to make and games to play, including more to stave off the cry 'Dad, are we there yet?'

Dads will be able to impress their families having read the 'Let Me Explain' chapter, explaining the principles behind fridges, gravity and ballpoint pens. Another area often unfrequented by fathers - the kitchen - will reveal many easy and delicious recipes as well as exciting (and possibly messy) science projects.

There is a raft of well-disguised mathematical problems and puzzles to get the little ones' brains working. For those rare times, there is a guide on how to handle difficult behaviour (the child, that is, not you).

But of course fun is the order of the day in MORE DAD STUFF, where dads will also be shown: how to play the spoons, make your own playdough, play car snooker and learn about disgusting food from around the world as well as how to woof in a foreign language.

Winner of the Orange Prize for Screenwriting, Simon Rose wrote the film The Flying Scotsman with Jonny Lee Miller. He's author of 14 books including the novel Filthy Lucre. 5 were in collaboration with Steve Caplin. He frequently plays the spoons in assorted venues, usually just before being asked to leave. Steve is an award-winning photomontage artist whose work appears in magazines and newspapers around the world. He is the author of eight books on digital design. He spends his spare time building improbable sculptures, and plays the accordion when no-one's listening. Mercifully, the two of them have yet to duet together.