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My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror (Light Novel) Vol. 1

Edited by Adrian F. Wassel and Der-shing Helmer / Illustrated by Kisaragipana
Published by Vault Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

MAGE ERRANT meets THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SLIME in the bestselling LitRPG Fantasy Action Adventure series MY BEST FRIEND IS AN ELDRITCH HORROR - in print and as a Light Novel for the very first time with MY BEST FRIEND IS AN ELDRITCH HORROR (Light Novel) Vol. 1 from Vault Books!

Damien nearly ended the world. Now, his mistake might be the only thing that can save it.

Good things come to those who wait. Damien Vale didn’t, and he ended up bound to an Eldritch creature from beyond the reaches of space. It has lived since the dawn of time, seen the world born and destroyed countless times, and wants to be called Henry.

Unusual companion or not, Damien was still determined to go to a mage college and study magic. He wants nothing more than to live a normal life as a researcher, but if Henry’s true nature is revealed, he’ll be killed.

To top it all off, Damien’s teacher is a madman from the front lines of war, his alcoholic dean suspects something is awry with his companion, and Blackmist might possibly be the worst school in history. Damien has to prevent the end of the world, but he isn’t even sure he’s going to make it through Year One at Blackmist.

My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror is a slice-of-life mixed with LitRPG in a magic school setting. A slow build power fantasy from Actus, the bestselling author of Morcster Chef.

It's perfect for fans of My Hero Academia, Will Wight's Cradle series, Iron Prince, Mage Errant, Mark of the Fool, Steamforged Sorcery, Astra Academy series/ Academy Aracanist, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, Sword Art Online, Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Destiny Cycle series/Forge of Destiny, Spice and Wolf; Paranoid Mage, Morcster Chef, Mark of Ascension, Warformed: Stormweaver series/Iron Prince, Schooled in Magic, He Who Fights With Monsters, My Necromancer Class, All the Skills, the Gunmetal Gods Saga, The Beginning After the End, the Solo Leveling series, Monstress (Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda), as well as Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe, Dungeons and Dragons, and The Scholomance Series (Naomi Novik),

ACTUS is the author of multiple bestselling, record-breaking LitRPG adventure/fantasy progression series such as: GLEAM, MORCSTER CHEF, MY BEST FRIEND IS AN ELDRITCH HORROR, SHATTERED SYSTEM, STEAMFORGED SORCERY, and his latest hit fantasy progression epic: THE RUNEBOUND PROFESSOR. from Aethon Books.

About The Author

Actus has been writing fantasy stories since the age of twelve, and he's been telling them since he could talk. He's currently working on three main series - Return of the Runebound Professor, Gleam, and Rise of the Living Forge. He has also written & completed Morcster Chef, My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror, and Steamforged Sorcery. You can find his works on RoyalRoad & Patreon.

In addition to his passion for writing, Actus is capable of clearing a two story building with a single jump. That isn't true, but writing about himself in third person gives Actus delusions of grandeur.


About The Illustrator

Product Details

  • Publisher: Vault Books (October 15, 2024)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781638492344
  • Ages: 13 - 99

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