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Nature Cat: Can You Dig It?

Soil, Compost, and Community Service Storybook for Kids Ages 4 to 8 Years

Part of Nature Cat
Adapted by Diane Muldrow
Published by BuzzPop
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Discover dirt, soil, and compost in this storybook adaptation of the award-winning Nature Cat episode, "Soil Turmoil," complete with an educational poster!

When Steve the Vole's burrow is dug up, Nature Cat and his pals take on the mission. They will find Steve's soil and return it. But, they are too late. Someone sold Steve's soil!

Nature Cat, Daisy, Hal, and Squeeks then start digging up rich soil from the meadow to give to Steve, only to discover that taking even a little soil contributes to big problems for plants and animals.

Can the friends fill Steve's hole without digging another?

Come door-to-door collecting vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and plant cuttings with the team to find out. Tally ho!

This funny and heartfelt book is perfect for teaching the importance of soil and for modeling community service to kids ages 4 to 8 years old.

The pull-out poster provides a kid-friendly guide to composting.

Nature Cat airs twice daily on PBS. Find parent and educator materials to accompany this title on

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