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Numerology for Decoding Behavior

Your Personal Numbers at Work, with Family, and in Relationships

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Using numerology to reveal behavior patterns in order to work through them

• Shows how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths

• Presents simple numeric exercises that use the first vowel and first consonant of a name and the birth month and day

• Reveals how this method of numerology can be applied by managers, educators, health professionals, sales people, and parents

Numbers and letters are the blueprints of our lives. By studying the patterns they create--whether it’s a name, an address, or a date--we can learn more about ourselves, others, and how to best interact with those around us.

Providing simple numeric exercises that use only the first vowel and first consonant of a person’s name and their birth month and day, Michael Brill shows how to identify anyone’s reactive and proactive behavior patterns--along with their underlying causes--to prevent and resolve interpersonal issues as well as recognize and change our own negative personal tendencies. Combining numerology with psychology, he explains the connection between the first name and behavior at work, the middle name and social-emotional patterns in relationships, and the last name and family dynamics. Illustrating how this information can be applied by managers, educators, health professionals, sales people, and parents, he reveals how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths through their Achievement Number as well as how to use this number for a more accurate understanding of an individual’s behavior patterns. Offering extensive examples, interpretations, and exercises, he reveals how recognizing these facets of our behavior is the first step to working through our negative patterns and effecting personal transformation.


Chapter 4

Determining Name Challenges

The formulas given in this chapter will enable you to identify a person’s basic behavior patterns in any setting--professionally, socially, with family, and in relationships--in less than 60 seconds, knowing only their name!

Each part of an individual’s name pertains to different aspects of life.

The first name provides the basis for an instant analysis of general challenges faced by an individual or a business in their workday behavior patterns.

An individual’s middle name reveals information that will aid the understanding of emotional patterns.

The surname, or last name (the person’s name at birth, not a married name), can be used to understand birth family characteristics and dynamics. (However, in the case of adoption, the adopted surname should be used.)

Two different methods are presented here: the 1st Vowel/1st Consonant Challenge (V/CC) and an interpretation of the numeric equivalent of all the letters of a given name.

Deriving and Interpreting the Numbers of Full Names

The numeric energy of every letter in a name can be added together to provide insights about an individual. Names of businesses or corporations, groups, countries, or pets can also be analyzed.

Letter to Number Conversion
In order to convert a name to a number, you need to use the classical conversion chart shown below.

Letter to Number Conversion Chart
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4
E = 5
F = 6
G = 7
H = 8
I = 9
J = 1
K = 2
L = 3
M = 4
N = 5
O = 6
P = 7
Q = 8
R = 9
S = 1
T = 2
U = 3
V = 4
W = 5
X = 6
Y = 7
Z = 8

The Math

When you add the numeric total of all the letters in a word or series of words, you will usually get a multidigit number. The numbers are always reduced to a single digit and written with both the single-digit and the double-digit number, as the individual numbers that make up a two- or three-digit number identify underlying energies.


A first name of S A M U E L
1 + 1 + 4 + 3 + 5 + 3 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8; 17/8

If the first name is Samuel, the name total is 8; if you want to look a little deeper, look at the attributes for the 1 and 7 as well.

Once the numbers of a name have been determined, they can then be interpreted using the following lists of attributes. The single-digit total provides the basis for the fundamental interpretation; however, if you want to look a little deeper, look at the attributes for the numbers of the double-digit sum as well.

First Name Attributes Converting the letters of a first name into their numeric equivalents reveals the type of work environment the person prefers as well as public personality traits.

1 - Likes to be the initiator, the leader. May like to work alone. Can be a “Yes” person. Can be a “No!” person.

2 - Seeks cooperation, partnership, mediation. Can be a team player.

3 - Needs harmonious and pleasant working environment (visual as well as physical). Not very confrontational. Can be scattered. Can be very sociable. Can have a sense of the rhythm of life. Loves music. Needs assignments that call for creative solutions. Does not care for paperwork. Work area needs to be physically pleasant (pastel colors and personal objects in the environment).

4 - Wants order, system, and structure. May “go by the book.” May get lost in minutiae. Is logical and may want to be the “boss.” Can be somewhat stubborn and a tad confrontational. Can be an excellent “worker bee.” Is a natural architect.

5 - Needs constant change or gets bored. Learns best by doing, not by reading--a “hands-on” person. May only be concerned with concepts and not pay attention to details. Does not like any kind of paperwork.

6 - Likes to serve, counsel, and advise in any capacity. Can be a perfectionist. May take on too much responsibility or want to “advise” but not assume responsibility. A confidant for others.

7 - Very analytical and intense. Can be highly intuitive. Likes to solve problems. Likes to work alone. Is not very social. May feel a need to do for others. Can be passive-aggressive toward authority if suggestions are rejected. Authority figures must earn this person’s respect. Concerned about making mistakes and how they might reflect on personal integrity. Impatient. Good with figures. Wants to share knowledge. Enjoys learning, teaching, instructing, or analyzing.

8 - Likes to initiate, orchestrate, and delegate. Can be very logical. Wants to manage. Can be dictatorial. Has a natural sense for the form, fit, and function of things. May become frustrated if “abilities” are not recognized. Likes being responsible for organizing, orchestrating, and completing big projects. Can be a manager or a natural leader. Business oriented. Can “make it happen!”

9 - Can easily get along with everyone or no one at all. Loves (or is attracted to) the drama and emotional intensity of daily living. Can be an actor/actress. Enjoys long distance travel. Can be compassionate and selfless in service to others or very egocentric. May become overburdened by accepting or seeking more responsibility than he or she can comfortably handle. Would make an excellent healer. May have a natural affinity for the electrical or electronic.

Convert and Interpret First Names and Nicknames
Use the letter-to-number conversion chart to convert several first names then interpret them using the first name attributes given above. If a person goes by a nickname, try doing the numbers to see if her nickname matches how her behavior differs from the behavior her birth name would indicate.

A first name of __________________ = ______

A first name of __________________ = ______

A nickname of __________________ = ______

About The Author

Michael Brill, a numerologist since 1985, has worked with schools, businesses, and government, including ten years with the aerospace industry and two years with NASA. The author of Numerology for Healing and Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self, he has appeared on FOX television and 450 radio programs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Cayman Islands. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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  • Publisher: Destiny Books (June 23, 2011)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594773747

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“Michael Brill has a great talent for bridging allied worlds of symbolism.”

– Lynn Andrews, author of Writing Spirit and the Medicine Woman series

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