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One Law

Henry Drummond on Nature's Law, Spirit, and Love

About The Book

This latest addition to the Library of Hidden Knowledge series provides a modern understanding of Henry Drummond’s powerful philosophical writings about the harmony between science and spirituality.

Is there not reason to believe that many of the Laws of the Spiritual World, hitherto regarded as occupying an entirely separate province, are simply the Laws of the Natural World? —Henry Drummond

Using spiritual experience to explain scientific principles, New Thought pioneer Henry Drummond’s provocative essays demonstrate the direct connection between spiritual law and natural law to introduce a worldview unbound by conventional thought. Today his groundbreaking observations are as relevant as ever, and in One Law, Dr. Ruth Miller incorporates the modern laws of physics, biology, cybernetics, and ecology with Drummond’s original essays to decode the spiritual realm.

Bridge the gap between science and spirituality and forever change the way you see the world by rediscovering Drummond’s provocative theory that natural law and spiritual law are one and the same.

About The Authors

Photograph by Nancy Lynne

Ruth L. Miller was ordained in the New Thought tradition and became the pastor of the Lifeways Center in Portland, Oregon, then interim assistant at Unity of Beaverton. She is currently serving New Thought and Unitarian-Universalist churches in Oregon, Washington, and California. She earned a doctorate in systems science from Portland State University integrating intuition and analysis in impact assessment and decision-making. Her MS in cybernetic systems from San Jose State University was earned with a thesis integrating intuitive methods in systems planning. Her certificate in environmental studies is from Long Beach State University and a BA in anthropology with a minor in American Literature was earned at the University of New Mexico. For more information, please visit


Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words (June 11, 2013)
  • Length: 272 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781476716060

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Raves and Reviews

“Dr. Miller is a teacher of teachers, with an inestimable gift for translating large weighty subjects into wisdom that is accessible to modern spiritual seekers. She simplifies what could be complex concepts with gentleness and good humor, making the path of self-realization an enjoyable journey under her care. In One Law, she gets to the heart of arcane yet timeless truths of another era, weaving science and spirituality with insights and tools that are hugely relevant today.”

– Claire Sierra, MA, director of the Bliss Breakthrough Program and author of The Magdalene Path

“In One Law, Henry Drummond tells us that it is ‘altogether unlikely’ that humanity’s spiritual life and being would be separated ‘into two such incoherent halves.’ This statement written seven generations ago, provides all the insight we need for dealing with today’s ecological and subsequently, social and economic crises. The prophesies by those who have understood One Law in the depths of their souls for centuries are coming true today. Dr. Ruth Miller’s profound writings lead us to ask who are these people, what are their practices, how do their languages connect them to the energies of the planet, and how might we look to them for a type of leadership so foreign to we who have been isolated in one of those incoherent halves?"

– Milt Markewitz, chair of the Earth & Spirit Council of Portland, OR and author of Three Worlds

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