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Political Incorrections

The Best Opening Monologues from Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher

Read by Bill Maher

The Best Opening Monologues from Politically Incorrect starring Bill Maher
Featuring an introduction by Penn Jillette
For everyone who's had their fill of politicians, TV trials and the daily events seen on the evening news, Simon & Schuster Audio offers some relief with POLITICAL INCORRECTIONS-a collection of the funniest opening monologues from Comedy Central's hit show Politically Incorrect starring Bill Maher.
From Republicans to Democrats, politics to pop culture, nothing will be spared from Bill Maher's hilarious, "politically incorrect" commentary in this collection of his most outrageous material.
Whether you're liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, this witty, irreverent stab at the politics of the day will have you laughing as you listen!

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