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SAT Wordmaster, Level I

Published by Barrons Educational Series
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Revised and updated SAT Wordmaster, Level I is a powerful tool that helps students prepare for and boost their scores on the verbal sections of the SAT. It consists of a pack of 50 cards, each featuring six key vocabulary words that every college-bound student should know—300 in all.

Because each key word is accompanied by a selection of related words, the total number exceeds 1500—all of them words that students should master in order to answer vocabulary questions that appear in both the Reading section and the Writing and Languages section of the SAT. As a bonus, knowledge of these words may help students comprehend the SAT’s reading passages and also aid them in writing a first-rate SAT essay.

Wordmaster contains a sleeve with a cut-out viewing window. Users slide cards past the window, first to see the word and its part of speech, and second, to read a sample sentence containing the word in context. One out of three sentences is followed by a multiple-choice question meant to accustom students to answering SAT-type vocabulary questions.

Students who have used Wordmaster to expand their vocabulary approach the verbal sections of the SAT and other college-entrance exams with confidence.

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