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Sam's Crossing

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Tommy Hay’s debut novel tells the story of Kate, an Atlanta social worker ready to settle down, as her life is turned upside down when she leaves her boyfriend Sam, a would-be novelist, because he is unable to commit in this beautifully humorous novel of love and heartbreak.

This peek into the life of a thirtysomething couple living in Atlanta reveals the fears and uncertainties couples face as they ponder the next steps of their lives.

After four years together, Kate is ready to have a baby, but her boyfriend, Sam, is fearful of becoming a father and facing the challenge of having a family. When Kate leaves Sam and indulges in a new relationship with a doctor from the hospital she works at, Sam, devastated and heartbroken, is left to cope with his loneliness.

As Sam’s undying love for Kate promises potential for the future of their relationship, the two realize that what is best does not always come from the simplest solution.