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Scab for Treasurer?

Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Scab McNally has set his sights on a new challenge--proving once and for all that his classmate, Missy Malone, is really an alien in disguise. Scab and his friends have nicknamed Missy "Never Missy" because her hand is always first in the air every time the teacher asks a question, and Missy never gets one wrong. Come on, how is that really possible? When Missy decides to run for class president, Scab sees the perfect opportunity to challenge her by running against her. Scab's sister Isabelle doesn't miss a beat reminding Scab that he should be busy creating an agenda of what he'll do as class president, preparing a speech, and making signs. Instead, Scab focuses on launching wild enough stunts to win the popular vote . . . but will Never Missy be the first to beat Scab at his own game?

Bill Trueit

Trudi Trueit knew she’d found her life’s passion after writing (and directing) her first play in fourth grade. Since then, she’s been a newspaper journalist, television news reporter and anchor, media specialist, freelance writer, and is now a children’s book author. She has published more than forty fiction and nonfiction titles for young readers and lives near Seattle, Washington.

In this installment, fourth-grader Scab McNally decides to run for class president just to spite Missy, who annoys him. He needs a gimmick or stunt to get votes away from his very organized opponent, and his friends dream up a plan to get him to eat whatever kids bring him, calling himself The Human Vacuum. He is also still cooking up trouble in his lab, including a special ice-cream/dog-food treat for his four-legged buddy, Joe. Scab is always getting into hilarious jams with his friends, but he never seems malicious. Paillot’s zany illustrations appear throughout. This book, with its amusing sidebar secrets and lists, is simple and funny enough to pull in reluctant readers, and youngsters will jump right in and enjoy the humor, fast-paced action, and gross-out moments.–Kris Hickey, Columbus Metropolitan Library, OH

- SLJ July 2011

In the latest hilarious story in the Secrets of a Lab Rat series, Scab is running for president of his fourthgrade class, and in his bid to defeat smart teacher’s pet Missy Malone (“Never Missy”), he thinks up an incredible stunt. He will swallow any food his classmates bring him, and he pledges not to barf, even when presented with dishes that look like chickenpox scabs with “blue-toe cheese.” Young grade-schoolers will enjoy every gooey, gross detail, along with the cartoon illustrations that find all the humor in the classroom slapstick and humorous standoffs.

--BOOKLIST, July 1, 2011

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