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Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric Criminals

Published by Ulysses Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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Discover the shocking true stories of the world's most barbaric criminals from Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer to The Night Stalker and more.

Revealing portraits of the most notorious killers of our time:

• The Zodiac Killer
• Dr. Harold Shipman
• Son of Sam
• The Columbine Killers
• The Yorkshire Ripper
• Ted Bundy
• Charles Starkweather
• The Boston Strangler

Serial Killers & Mass Murderers takes you into the minds of the criminals who committed the world's most notorious and horrifying crimes. Each of the sadistic murderers profiled here was once known simply as someone's neighbor, co-worker or child. What turned them into killers? In one chilling chapter after another, this book profiles a terrifying succession of homicidal maniacs and asks the question, "What makes them tick?"

"The refrigerator contained meat, including a human heart, in plastic bags. There were three human heads in the freezer. Two more skulls were found in a pot on the stove. Another pot contained male genital organs and severed heads, and there were the remains of three male torsos in the trash."

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