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Illustrated by Coke Navarro

A stunning new graphic novel series from a prodigiously talented team led by the creator of Line of Duty. 

DS-5, a biologically enhanced law enforcement marshal, has embarked upon his final mission. His best years behind him, he must return to the ISS Houston where he will be decommissioned. As his body is lowered into the tank which will see him permanently retired, a huge explosion rips through the space station. Using the skills he has honed over a lifetime spent trying to bring order to the lawless frontier settlements of space, he manages to use an escape pod to reach nearby Titan. Once there he sets about investigating the cause of the explosion; an investigation into mass murder which quickly becomes embroiled with a parallel missing persons case being run by local law enforcement. His inquiries will lead him all the way back to earth where he will uncover corporate malpractice and political corruption on a truly galactic scale.

Mercurio, Puwanarajah and Navarro have taken the police procedural genre and sent it into orbit. Stunningly illustrated with all the machinations and plot twists with which the name Mercurio has become synonymous, Sleeper is a work of extraordinary creative imagination and terrifying plausibility which is quite literally out of this world.

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Jed Mercurio trained as a doctor and, while at medical school, received extensive flying training with the Royal Air Force. As a resident in internal medicine, he wrote a groundbreaking medical drama for the BBC, Cardiac Arrest. His first novel, Bodies, was chosen by The Guardian as one of the top five debuts of 2002. He adapted the novel into an award-winning drama series for the BBC and is currently developing a version for American television. He lives outside London.

Prasanna studied medicine at New College, Oxford, working extensively in the NHS and for Médicins du Monde before moving into writing and directing. Prasanna’s debut play Nightwatchman premiered at the National Theatre in 2011, where he has also worked as an actor. He directed Moth at the HighTide Festival, and at the Bush Theatre, where it was a TimeOut Critics’ Choice in the summer of 2013. For television he has directed the acclaimed Spoof Or Die for Channel 4’s Coming Up series, written by Stacey Gregg. The film received Critics’ Choice reviews and a special screening at the Belfast Film Festival, as well as outings at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival. His short film BOY, written in response to the London 2012 Olympic Games, screened in an edited version at the Opening Ceremony, and played on British Airways planes. His short film The Half-Light also received critical acclaim and awards in festivals around the world. He has also directed promo work for artists Joe Stilgoe and Jasan Bavanandan