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Stuff Nobody Taught You

45 Lessons from M.E.School® to Help You Stop Being Miserable and Start Feeling Amazing

Published by Health Communications Inc
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Stuff Nobody Taught You by Summer McStravick teaches readers how to wildly, successfully, reinvent themselves and become who they’ve always wanted to be.  Filled with humor, actionable steps, and brazen, intelligent straight-talk, Stuff Nobody Taught You fills you in on all those secrets you wished someone had told you about how to craft and keep a happy, passion-filled life.   

Sometimes we need a good old cathartic do-over. We’ve been flatlining—emotionally spent and wrung out like an old washcloth. We want to feel a different way, be a different way.

Somehow, we need to regain our purpose and direction and feel good again. We want to re-find the self-worth, confidence, and inner strength that got wiped away from years of frustration, disappointments, and emotional depletion.

Stuff Nobody Taught You fills you in on all those secrets you wished someone had told you about how to craft and keep a happy, passion-filled life.  The book takes you through a proven journey of self-discovery via a series of forty-five bite-size, easy lessons that will transport you to a world of amazing feelings and real transformation as you learn to:

  • Find and release the inner patterns and blocks that have stopped or derailed you time after time.
  • Climb out from feeling stuck, exhausted, directionless, or just not sure what you’re supposed to do next in life.
  • Meet and love up your powerful, authentic self, where you trust your choices and start attracting good things in every area of your life.

Each day, you’ll look forward to reading the next revealing chapter that feels as yummy as a best friend’s phone call.  By, the end, you’ll shut the book with a satisfying, relieved, and exciting sense of your next steps.

In short, Stuff Nobody Taught You resets your inner clock and shows you that yes, you can wildly, successfully, reinvent yourself and become who you’ve always wanted to be. It teaches you where your inner power lies and gives you permission to use it. And finally, it frees you up to find the brisk, fresh path that oftentimes turns out to be right there, already under your feet.



Chapter 1: The Lavender Pajamas 

An introduction to the purpose of the book, which is to support and incite inner change and transformation.

Chapter 2: You Are Not a Badass….Yet! And You Know It! 

An introduction to the concept of ME School: A step-by-step program that leads to deep inner renewal.

Chapter 3: Yes, You Can Reinvent Yourself 

An incitement to pivot and call to commit to your transformational journey. 

Chapter4: Between the Reefs 

An acknowledgment of the feeling of being caught between wanting to move forward, but feeling the fear of being in an unknown space in your life.


Chapter 5: Are You Worthy? 

An examination of intrinsic worth versus earned worth, and how to gain intrinsic worth.

Chapter 6: The King and the Queen 

An essay leading the reader through an awareness of the mind vs. heart dichotomy, and why embracing the heart is crucial to transformation.

Chapter 7: Fear of Feelings 

A teaching about the role of feelings, and how the majority of our choices are built around moving toward them or avoiding them.

Chapter 8: So Just What Are These Feelings Called? 

An exploration of using emotional endpoints and “pre-action” as keys to manifesting your desires.

Chapter 9: The Dead Zone 

A look at how some of us feel emotionally bombed out and lifeless, and how to change that.

Chapter 10: External Power Leaks 

A look at how external situations steal our agency, and how to gain our power back.

Chapter 11: Inner Batteries 

A teaching about how we all have “X” amount of daily energy, and how to use it wisely for the things you want (as opposed to squandering it on what you don’t want).

Chapter 12: Internal Power Leaks 

A look at how we lose our inner agency and power in the form of limiting beliefs, ceilings, and other inner barriers (and how to tear them all down).

Chapter 13: The True Meaning of Resistance 

An essay sharing how to break down the meaning of resistance so you can confidently know whether it’s telling you to stop or push through it.

Chapter 14: Lack-Thinking 

An exploration of both Abundance Thinking and Lack-Thinking, and a call to expose Lack-thinking wherever it hides in your life.

Chapter 15: Plan A, Plan B 

An essay contrasting the life we lead versus the life we want to lead, and how to get back to the “Plan A” of your life.

Chapter 16: Only Fired Up By Fear 

An exposé of how some of us use fear as an inciting element for change and the long-term consequences of this habit.

 Chapter 17: Lag Time 

A way of understanding how we fall into an emotionally satisfying trap of “waiting for change” and how to fix that.

Chapter 18: Backward-Looking Girl 

A parable about our tendency to look backward at what we’ve lost as opposed to looking forward to what we’ll gain.

Chapter 19: Paper Tigers

 An examination of feelings of “I’m not good enough” and comparativitis, and how to uproot them.

Chapter 20: What Will Happen When You Win?

 An opening up of ideas around your fear of succeeding and how to solve it.

Chapter 21: The Groove 

A call to action asking you to feel your readiness for change. 

Chapter 22: You Will Fix it When You’re Ready to Fix it 

A gentle acknowledgment that sometimes, we aren’t yet ready to solve the problems in our lives.

About The Author

As an eighteen-year veteran in publishing and prior Director of New Media at Hay House Publishing, Summer McStravick has developed thousands of hours of audiobooks, webinars, and podcasts for leading self-help luminaries. Her role was to discern what buyers and listeners wanted, then help her authors craft compelling online seminars, workshops, or podcasts that directly answered those needs.

Summer developed Hay House Radio and co-hosted a weekly live radio show and podcast with Dr. Wayne Dyer for five years. She also produced programs with and for Louise L. Hay, as well as Suze Orman, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Iyanla Vanzant, and many others. This is where she learned to build an effective in-house team to not just produce quality content, but precisely position and market it to its audience. During her time at Hay House, she also launched her own brand, Flowdreaming®, which she supported with an online radio show and podcast, online seminars, and live speaking engagements. Hay House published her first two books, Flowdreaming (2005) and Creative Flowdreaming (2009). Flowdreaming organically sold over 15,000 hardback copies (all sales stemmed from Summer’s own marketing efforts with no publisher-sponsored PR or marketing) and was sold to four foreign rights publishers

As a result, Summer’s “side-gig” flourished, and in 2009, Summer left Hay House to pursue Flowdreaming full-time. In the time since, she’s developed her own multi-million dollar company with over 8 million in sales. She has also placed well-selling products with Mindvalley and Omvana

Online downloads of her podcast, Flowdreaming, sit at 3 million, consistently hovering in the Top 200 Spirituality/Self-Help podcasts, having reached a high of #8, making it one of the top 3% of podcasts generally. The Flowdreaming podcast has amassed an enormous audience over its 18 years (18 seasons) of consecutive broadcasting and is one of the oldest self-help podcasts running

Summer’s seminal online educational program, “M.E. School®,” is an eight-year-old course that has taken people through a year-long journey of self-exploration and inner transformation based on manifesting and Flowdreaming principles. This book, ME School, is a compendium of all her M.E. School teachings over the last seventeen years.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Health Communications Inc (April 25, 2023)
  • Length: 324 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780757324680

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