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The Council of Horses Oracle

A 40-Card Deck and Guidebook

Foreword by Linda Kohanov
Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster
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About The Book

Tap into the divine wisdom of horses for guidance and self-transformation

• Includes 40 beautifully illustrated cards featuring horse avatars and mythic equine beings such as unicorns, kelpies, Pegasus, and Chiron

• The guidebook shares the message of each card, guidance to help you determine if you are on the right path or need a nudge in a more positive direction, as well as suggested actions to help you integrate the lessons from the Council of Horses

Allowing you to tap into the earthly and spiritual wisdom of horses, this oracle embraces humanity’s millennia-old relationship with horses as interactive guides to transformation.

Each beautifully illustrated card conveys the captivating presence of the horse, offering an encounter with the equine soul while transmitting healing frequencies directly from the mystical Council of Horses. Serving as portals of transformation, the cards allow you to actively engage with horses as sentient beings who choose to support the well-being of humankind.

The accompanying book explains how to work with the cards, alongside a history of the horse as an intermediary between humans and the divine. From modern-day mystics to legendary horse avatars like unicorns, kelpies, Pegasus, and Chiron, the horse of each card offers guidance and courageous questions to help you determine if you are on the right path, off track, or need a nudge in a more positive direction.

About The Authors

Sandra Wallin, M.A., is a beloved educator, psychotherapist, and horse listener. A sought-after speaker, she teaches equine-guided wellness worldwide.

Kim McElroy is an award-winning equine artist renowned for her visionary artistic and written creations.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (October 8, 2024)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434931

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Raves and Reviews

“I am thrilled to recommend this new volume of what I’m quite sure could be an entire encyclopedia of the knowledge that horses hold. You don’t need to be a rider, own a horse, or have any prior experience to benefit from the wisdom they offer. It is as if The Council of Horses Oracle has been waiting patiently for centuries, enduring our fretful adolescent fantasies of power and superiority, knowing all the while that, one by one, certain humans will wake up to the inner beauty of the equine mind and spirit.”

– Linda Kohanov, founder Eponaquest and author of The Tao of Equus

“For many people, horses have always been a way to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and divine wisdom. In The Council of Horses Oracle, Kim and Sandra provide us with another way to access ancestral wisdom through this powerful tool for self-inquiry, guided by the spirit of the horse.”

– Warwick Schiller, horse trainer and author of The Principles of Training

“I’ve sorted through my list of superlatives: authoritative, compelling, enigmatic, mystical, visionary—and none of them hit the mark. This beautiful deck of images, inquiries, and wisdom weaves a paradoxical path between the corporeal and the mystical—an accomplishment that feels authentic and true. I’ll be visiting this herd for a long time to come.”

– Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers & Healers

The Council of Horses Oracle deck is beyond any expectations. Horses are grateful that Kim and Sandra created this. Each card takes you on a magical journey, riding alongside your kindred spirit. Absorb their wisdom into your cells and joyfully ride into your life’s mystery tour.”

– Allen Schoen, D.V.M., author of The Compassionate Equestrian

“These gorgeous archetypal equine images and essays awaken deep within our hearts, revealing the beauty and wisdom hidden in our collective conscious and unconscious. Each card of The Council of Horses Oracle is a journey into the soul.”

– Beverley Kane, M.D., author of Equine-imity Somatic Horsemanship

“This tarot-like meditative deck is both interesting and imaginatively accurate. Its capacities offer an otherworldliness expanded through equine guidance and heart-filled energy. It’s a beautiful practice in listening and allowing. I love it. Thank you.”

– Barbara K. Rector, author of Adventures in Awareness

The Council of Horses Oracle takes us on a magical journey filled with insightful wisdom and beautiful artistry! Sandra Wallin and Kim McElroy have seemingly created new equine archetypes. This is far more than a superficial coffee table deck; it is insightful, articulate, inspirational, and artistic.”

– Neda DeMayo, founder of Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation

The Council of Horses Oracle illuminates the breadth and depth of wisdom that horses bring into our lives. Each horse in this deck invites you to embark on a unique journey of interspecies introspection, promising new insights.”

– Codi Hamblin, owner of Aligned Equine Bodywork LLC

“Deep connection with horses is an open gateway to divine consciousness. In all of creation, horses are special messengers and teachers. The written insights and incredible beauty of the art of this deck will stir our souls into realizing these gifts.”

– Constance D. Funk, author of Beauty from Brokenness

“The beauty of the cards is a perfect match for the depth of wisdom in the readings associated with each one. It is wonderful to see horses being recognized for the high-vibrational, spiritual beings they are. Horses are mirrors into the human soul. This card deck is a path to receiving wisdom from the council of horses.”

– Madalyn Ward, D.V.M., holistic equine veterinarian and author of Holistic Horsekeeping

“A masterful accomplishment! A simply lovely way to grow both inward and outward through the wisdom of horses as guided by Kim and Sandra.”

– Mary Ann Simonds, author of A Horse by Nature

“There’s nothing in this world like connecting with horses for personal wellness, healing, and joy. Their powerful presence in the beauty of these cards, and their wisdom expressed, is deeply moving and inspiring. I’m so grateful for this true gift of being able to learn in such a profound and exciting way from The Council of Horses Oracle!”

– Megan Ayrault, author of The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage

“This amazing deck embodies the energetic vibration of unconditional love, which includes all aspects of ourselves. The wisdom of the words and beauty of the artwork chronicle horse and human evolution as we enter into our new earth with our equine partners standing as the all-knowing pillars of our ongoing expansion. This is a must-have deck for those who are ready to embrace unity consciousness.”

– Esta G. Bernstein, author of Changing Horses

“Kim McElroy’s work is not only visually stunning, but insightfully poignant and overflowing with relatable wisdom. I first met Kim at a Horse Speak clinic several years ago, and her charming yet down-to-earth personality instantly won me over. I highly recommend The Council of Horses Oracle to any horse enthusiast or soul-searching seeker like myself.”

– Sharon Wilsie, originator of Horse Speak and author of Horse Speak

“Get ready to be nuzzled by horse wisdom. The advanced ability of The Council of Horses Oracle to communicate takes us straight to the heart of the matter: to the things we often don’t acknowledge, even to ourselves. The council of horses embraces and inspires us through their messages and counsel, walking with us as needed then encouraging us to gallop free.”

– Sharon Forrest, N.D., Ph.D., founder of Healthways International

“Brilliant, beautiful, and wise, The Council of Horses Oracle offers a powerful bridge between our often confusing and chaotic world of apparent separation and the mythical, boundless realm of horses in all its magnificent forms. We are reassured in the most generous ways that we do not need to traverse our lives alone; this deck, stunning in artwork and text, will become a lifelong companion we can trust and rely on.”

– Rita Reynolds, author of Not Only When the Rain Falls

“Sandra and Kim have done a remarkable job of bringing the wisdom and teachings of these amazing beings right to our doorstep. Their work is well-researched, thoughtful, beautifully written, and accessible. It is not just powerful but also truly enjoyable. The Council of Horses Oracle reignites a thirst for learning, growth, and wisdom in a fun, rewarding, and nourishing way. Bravo!”

– Tony Stromberg, author of Horse Medicine

“Kim McElroy’s art is a testimony of the spiritual nature of horses that is hidden to the eye. She has the gift to make it visible. What I find in these cards and text is a spirit that makes me come alive and reconnect with an ancient knowing that all species are deeply connected. The Council of the Horses Oracle is a testimony of hope and inspiration created by two highly talented artists, writers, and horse lovers.”

– Ulrike Dietmann, author of On the Wings of Horses

The Council of Horses Oracle card deck is truly magical! The words of wisdom on every card will connect you to the Council of the Horses and deep within yourself where your answers await your visit. Kim’s captivating, otherworldly artwork awakens your intuition and imagination. Like your favorite book, you will be whisked away to a magical place . . . the place where horses’ souls live. This will soon be your favorite go-to deck for guidance, insight, and inspiration.”

– Anna Twinney, equine specialist and animal communicator

“The sacred gift I feel these cards offer is the ability to awaken the deep knowing we all have about horses—that we are far more powerful in their presence. In modern times, this connection has largely been forgotten. Working with these cards helps us reconnect with our own ancient experiences and reunites us with the spirit of the Equine Nation, so we can once again step into a charging flow of passion, power, and incredible beauty alongside horses. Thank you, Sandra and Kim, for making this possible.”

– Lisa Tully, holistic animal healer and animal communicator

“Sandra’s passion for horses—their inherent sentience and their profound wisdom as coteachers—has produced an equine book that’s filled with insights and resonates deeply. The messages for both horses and humans, the stories, guidance, inspiration, counsel, contemplations, and inspirations, are all beautifully woven together with Kim’s artwork. This deck will draw you into discovering your own truths and healing for years to come.”

– Ainsley Beauchamp, certified equine therapist and reiki master

“I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to explore and deepen their relationship to horses and the natural world as well as a guide to their journey of personal growth and spiritual transformation.”

– Carl Marsak, M.A., founder and director of The Enneagram Center of Santa Fe

“With The Council of Horses Oracle deck, co-created by Sandra Wallin and Kim McElroy, we can now tap into the spirit of the horse to effortlessly access the wisdom and guidance that arises from this soulful, heart-to-heart connection.”

– Melanie Dallas, Eponaquest approved instructor

“The beautiful artwork on these cards is a stunning portrayal of the innate beauty of the horse. For those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and all of life, as the two cannot be separated, The Council of Horses Oracle will touch your heart profoundly and tenderly.”

– Sally Utton, founder of Graceful Horsemanship and Trust Technique® Practitioner

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