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The Damned


From the #1 internationally bestselling author of The Demonologist, called “smart, thrilling, utterly unnerving” by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, comes a spine-tingling supernatural thriller.

Danny Orchard died on his sixteenth birthday—and so did his twin sister, Ashleigh—but Danny came back. He wrote a bestselling memoir about his experience of Heaven called The After, but despite his fame and fortune he’s never been able to enjoy his second chance at life.

His sister won’t let him.

Charming, magnetic, and manipulative in life, Ash appeared perfect to outsiders but privately terrorized her family, and that didn’t stop her from continuing to terrorize them after her death. She has haunted Danny for twenty years and now, just when he’s met the love of his life and has a chance at a real family, Ash is more determined than ever to keep her brother all to herself.

Danny has been to Heaven. In order to silence his sister once and for all, he’ll have to meet her in a different realm. Which means, he has to die one more time before he can go on living.

Photograph by Heidi Pyper

Andrew Pyper is the internationally bestselling author of nine previous novels, including The Demonologist, which won the International Thriller Writers award for Best Hardcover Novel, and The Killing Circle, which was selected a New York Times Best Crime Novel of the Year. He lives in Toronto. Visit and follow him on Twitter @AndrewPyper.

"Pyper could be the next Stephen King."

“Pyper’s latest thriller is a novel that will get your heart racing without insulting your intelligence. . . .The Damned guarantees many sleepless nights.”

"Pyper is a master architect of dread...Compulsive and nerve-jangling, The Damned is a story about personal hells and the relationships that haunt us."
LAUREN BEUKES, author of The Shining Girls and Broken Monsters

"Prepare yourself for a sleepless night or two once you’ve settled in with this smart, suspenseful and absolutely terrifying book that takes the bad seed concept to a whole new level. Pyper has the unique ability to take us to the darkest places and convince us that the things we find there are not only entirely possible and real, but that we might just take some piece of them back with us once we close the cover and turn out the lights."
— JENNIFER MCMAHONNew York Times bestselling author of The Winter People

“It’s an uncommon novel that moves a reader, and a rare one that frightens them, but only the most extraordinary accomplish both at the same time. Enter The Damned, a tour de force that sinks sticky claws into the soft dark places in your psyche—and refuses to let go, no matter how you squirm.”
MARCUS SAKEY, author of The Blade Itself and The Brilliance Saga

“Cleverly, Pyper has created a world in which heaven consists of moments experienced on earth. But so does hell. The Damned is also a classic tale of good twin/evil twin.”

Pyper has a knack for imbuing the ordinary with palpable and frighteningly plausible horror. . . . [His] pacing, as well as the novel's length, is perfect, and his evocative description of Detroit, a city desolate in its decline, comes off as both sad and poetic at the same time. A treat for fans of intelligent treatments of the supernatural and rock-solid writing.”

“The author of relentlessly award-winning best sellers […] returns with more supernatural thrills.”

“In this literate supernatural thriller . . . as in the best horror, Pyper’s keen eye for the quotidian makes the fantastic feel plausible.”

“A master of psychological suspense.”
LISA GARDNER, New York Times bestselling author of Find Her and Right Behind You

“Outstanding in every way.”

“Pyper is the rare writer who has it all: he’s a poet, a magician, and a seer into the frail human heart.”
LISA UNGER, bestselling author of Crazy Love You and In the Blood

“The Demonologist and The Damned are stories that evoke the things we imagine are snapping twigs in the dark of the woods, creaking beneath our floorboards, controlling the severed hands of serial killers, and the worlds waiting for us in the beyond. [...] Pyper has worked his prose into a lean, pumping muscle: these books are all crisp sentences and snappy chapters, where one-sentence paragraphs abound — but with staccato bursts of his skilled literary flourishes. […] You’re sped toward wanting to read one more line, page and chapter. It’s the reading equivalent of covering your face from seeing something horrible but peeking through your fingers anyway.”

“It's vintage Pyper, with terrifying imagery, a strong emotional core and a rollicking plot.”

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