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The Everything Guide to Stepparenting

Practical, reassuring advice for creating healthy, long-lasting relationships

Part of Everything®

Starting a relationship with a new person is always an adventure, and that adventure comes with extra thrills when your significant other is also a parent. Not only do you have to incorporate one new person into your life; you have to welcome that personÆs children too. This guide will teach new and future stepparents how to:

  • Meet and build relationships with potential stepchildren
  • Handle situations involving the other biological parent
  • Involve stepchildren in the wedding
  • Be an involved stepparent without overstepping boundaries
  • Make tough decisions about money, education, and more

This comprehensive resource covers dozens of different situationsùfrom battling the wicked stepparent stereotype to mediating interactions between stepsiblings. Written by a licensed mental health counselor and experienced stepparent, this book will help future stepparents start off their new lives on the right foot.

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