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The Light of God

Divine Locutions on Evil, Karma, Reincarnation, and Healing

Published by Inner Traditions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Teachings received in prayer that offer a living experience of the Divine, spiritual wisdom, and healing love

• Shares words and energies received in ecstatic union with the Divine

• Contains wisdom on creation, love, healing with Christ, karma, reincarnation, and the nature of evil

• Reveals the spiritual laws that govern your existence and show you that you are a miracle of creation born out of love

When we quiet our minds and hearts long enough to be still, we can hear the voice of God and feel His presence within us. But how does one find the inner stillness necessary to feel the presence of the Divine? How can you awaken to the light of God? In this book of profound spiritual teachings, modern-day mystic and spiritual healer Laura Aversano shares the wisdom she received from ecstatic states of union with the Divine while she prayed. These writings offer a living experience of the Divine, imparting knowledge of the spiritual life as well as healing. Laura feels she had direct contact with the Holy Spirit and shares wisdom on love, creation, healing with Christ, karma, reincarnation, and the nature of evil.

These divine locutions reveal the spiritual laws that govern your existence and show you that you are a miracle of creation born out of love. Reading these words will guide you deeply into your relationship with God and the relationship you have with yourself. It will bring light to your truths and to your darkness. You will be most comforted by the words that are attuned to where you are presently in your spiritual life. Other locutions you will find challenging, but their intrinsic high energy and spiritual density will raise your vibration.

By reading these sacred writings, you can release your fear of the light and the darkness that you carry, bring your soul to the threshold of the heavens, and fill your heart and mind with God’s ineffable love.



If you have faith in me, I am there. If you do not, I am still there.
Laura Aversano

It began with light. Then it was followed by darkness. The process was continual until there was stillness, and I was able to distinguish the voice of God from my own.

In 2001, my prayer life was one of such great fervor and dedication. My prayers had afforded me solace, deep contemplation, and initiation into realms within the spirit world that brought with it ecstatic experiences of the Divine. Revelations from the light and the darkness ensued, coupled with spiritual guidance from souls therein that prompted me to sit down, listen, and begin what would be one of the most challenging writing experiences of my life.

Along with my prayers I received visitations. My quest to know God, to comprehend Divine Providence, to delve into the spiritual laws surrounding the nature of good and evil, was answered. One soul at a time, one voice at a time, one prayer at a time--I became the instrument, fully embodied, taking dictation from those children of God who became His servants in the afterlife, many of whom I have prayed to since a child. The Holy Spirit gave me life through this work. Over twenty years later, I still read these words and sit in contemplation of my relationship to the Divine. The mystery is still present. It always was and will always be.

The process changed me, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had even more questions than I had before. My spiritual life became more viable as I allowed God to work through me. My relationship to both the light and the darkness was enlivened with such richness that our collective purpose along with human suffering took on new meaning.

We all yearn for inner peace. That heaven we seek in order to silence those voices that separate us from one another lies within the tabernacle of our own hearts. My hope is that The Light of God will guide you into holiness, into that tabernacle where your relationship with the Divine leads you to your inner heaven. This book is a process as much as it is a prayer in and of itself.

The writings significantly reflect Christian theology but speak of universal spiritual themes. They are part of the whole, a minute glimpse into the mystery.

Let us now enter into that mystery, into that sacred union. I believe, truly, that this is the work of the Lord.

Karma and Reincarnation

Things cannot always be the way humans want them. Things are always the way that your Godnature wants them. Regardless of the darkness and evil that exist on the lower levels of contemplation, things are determined to be of the Lord’s will and duty. Even when the circumstances on the earth plane do not change, this does not mean that the spirit or soul has not come into a new realignment. If the Father answers yes to your request for change, you will realign at the level of contemplation that will serve your highest purpose. This you must realize.

Let us speak about karma at the level of the spirit. We have mentioned to you many times during this discourse about the levels of spirit that are simplified so that you can better understand yourselves. You have a lower form of spirit and a higher form, and one that is universal. We will be speaking mostly about the lower and higher forms of spirit. It is usually the lower form of spirit that is involved with the lower aspects of karmic law, as the higher form of spirit is left to work with the higher aspects of karmic law. Whether embodied or not, humans or spirits have each of these levels. And it is both levels that work to serve the Lord in their greatest capacities.

And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.
1 John 3:24

The laws regarding karma and reincarnation affect the spirit slightly differently than they do man or the soul. When it comes to the spirit, we are working with the matter of light in a different transition of being and essence. There is that spirit that belongs in man and there are those spirits in the world of spirit. We will speak about both.

The lower form of spirit carries the karma of all emotions, past grievances, relationships, and issues belonging to the lower energy vortexes. Incarnations that have not completed themselves will settle in the karmic energy of the lower form of spirit. If we are speaking about those in the world of spirit, those spirits whose issues are the same will travel in the same dimension. All issues that the soul has not healed will be apparent in the lower spirit, as well as issues of those spirits once again who are resonant with the vibration of that particular karmic energy. The lower aspects of karma carry the more definitive energies of what keeps the spirit from moving forward. It is this spirit that incarnates into embodiment life after life or chooses to rest in the world of spirit to finish their work in the nature of things. It is these issues from this spirit that will continue to resurface in incarnations until the spirit has learned otherwise. It is very easy for the spirit at this level to enslave themselves into a karmic pattern that will carry through many lifetimes, embodied or not. Sometimes it is this level that can be the most difficult to work with because the intellect of the spirit can be locked into various patterns that have set themselves up for centuries. It is only when this aspect of spirit heals its issues that the soul’s vibrations will be raised. The healing of that spirit will take place as well as the healing of other spirits resonant with that issue. It is the lower form of spirit and the lower aspect of karma that usually inform the physical body unless otherwise deemed by Him. When the spirit of a person is weak, this usually means that the karmic issues have not come into perspective. If there is embodiment, the physicality may not necessarily be weak if the spirit is, but other things will be out of perspective with God. If there is no embodiment, the spirit will travel in its dimension until he has resolved what he needs to learn of the truth of the Lord. It is not necessary for the spirit to understand from the soul what it needs to heal, as it is necessary for the soul to understand from its spirit what it needs to heal. The spirit can heal without conscious information from the soul. We are not saying that information would not be useful in one’s spiritual growth. We are simply saying it is not necessary.

A spirit can hold within them the karmic patterns of others that have been aligned with their spirits for centuries. So when you are healing the karma of a spirit, you indeed are going back to the moment where the energetic pattern was established in the essence of the spirit. That is where the karma begins. The moment the pattern of separation from the light is established, the spirit descends into lower forms of energy. To heal the karma of man, one must first look at the karmic issues surrounding the spirit even before addressing the issues of the soul. The soul carries with it the karmic issues that the spirit has not moved through.

It is the spirit whose intellect needs to be refocused on the matters of the Lord, and its heart energy needs to understand suffering in terms of Him. It is not unusual for all spirits to encounter trials of grief without the Lord, for the endless search for and confusion of Him can leave the spirit tormented. It is up to the spirit to take hold of the light and strength of the Lord and to shift its karma so that its duties are aligned with those of the higher form of its spirit.

A spirit can continually incarnate in the world of spirit as such, moving through alternate dimensions as it works toward its Godnature and completes its karma. Again, it can also ascend by the resonance with issues of other spirits who are healing karma at the same time. Wherever the spirit sits, it goes through the same continual process of healing karma, which is simply to put it into perspective. It will continue to do that until the spirit has reached the level where it can merge as one with all aspects of spirit and soul within the Lord. The highest forms of both will be united in the kingdom of Heaven. The karma will be complete when it is deemed by the Lord above and the Lord within the united soul.

If a spirit becomes enslaved by the patterns of another, it will be up to that spirit to free itself with the assistance of the Lord. You must know that there is not truly another who can hold you back except the Lord, which would then be for your highest good. If you fear that your karma is being transgressed upon, we suggest that you ask the Lord to intervene. The transgression is something you are familiar with. This is truth. If there is an issue that needs to be put into perspective, the moment your spirit does so, the karmic patterns will cease to continue, as will the attachment of other spirits resonant with your learning pattern. One must strengthen the mind to believe that the Lord can help you in all things. We say this because the spirit challenges the Lord so and continues to hold against Him that which is truth.

There are times when karmic patterns are necessary as the spirit is willful in learning of Him. Even though the soul may indeed understand what is transpiring, the spirit may refuse to accept the Lord’s truth. We find this to be the case with most spirits that are suffering. The acknowledgement of the Lord’s purpose for you becomes more than the intellect of the spirit can handle or wishes to believe. Always, always, when karma is put into proper perspective in the lower form of spirit, the vibrations of light will raise themselves up to the Lord. That is why we say that in all healing, the spirit and soul are healed, not necessarily the body. One needs to work with the spirit first most of the time, unless otherwise deemed by the Lord. When one is putting into perspective any karma relating to the spirit, know that you will receive much more from Him than you anticipated. To release ties that have bonded the spirit for centuries will have a ripple effect on the universe. It is not necessary for one to break ties with the misunderstanding that they will not diminish. It is not up to you or anyone else to release karma, but it is only through Him and His disciples who will show you the way. Indeed, it is not factual to say that karma is released, we do so for your benefit. But it is truth to say that it is raised up to the Lord.

About The Author

Laura Aversano is a medical and spiritual intuitive, an ancestral empath, and a spiritwalker. Descended from an ancient lineage of Sicilian adepts, and seers, she has been communicating with the spirit world since childhood. She is trained in the divine mysteries of esoteric Christianity, in plant medicine and shamanism by Native Americans, and in many modes of hands-on therapy. She lives in New York City.

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  • Publisher: Inner Traditions (May 3, 2022)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644112960

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“For what is between these pages and lines is the life itself, indescribable, unreached by any compass. . . . We will meet here old friends. . . . Listen, my child, to the words of the Teacher, that the eyes of the heart may see the light that deifies.”

– Father Francis V. Tiso, author of Rainbow Body and Resurrection

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