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The Luftwaffe Lair


The Luftwaffe Lair is a fast-paced erotic, science fiction and crime novel that takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. By the year 2115, the world population has exponentially declined, due to a century-old contaminated flu vaccine. The sinister inoculation caused serious defects in the human reproductive system, causing some females to be born with male genitals, and some males to be born with a vulva. The unfortunate group of humans cannot reproduce, and they are targeted for elimination by the Luftwaffe, a clandestine organization. A scientist, who was on the verge of discovering a cure, and her lover, are assassinated, and Detective Kyle McKay and his emotionless partner, Simon Scalene, are the homicide detectives assigned to the investigation. They soon discover that a special weapon was used to commit the murders, and a prominent senator is the prime suspect in ordering the murders. The detectives must stop the senator, and the underground organization, but they discover the Luftwaffe organization has many members...and very ominous facets.

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