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The Mindful Menopause Workbook

Daily Practices

Published by Wisdom Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster


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About The Book

Teachings, exercises, and reflections to help you be mindful during menopause from a respected psychologist.

The Mindful Menopause Workbook will help you bring mindfulness into your day-to-day activities during menopause with teachings, exercises, and meditations. Learn how to recognize and achieve a more balanced, peaceful, and joyful orientation to menopause and beyond.

The Mindful Menopause Workbook provides a year’s worth of daily teachings and prompts that offer you moments for self-care and self-development—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Each daily teaching includes space for you to write about the thoughts, emotions, or sensations that are arising for you.

This is followed by guided meditations and breath exercises that promote body-mind unity through deep relaxation and expanded peaceful awareness.

The book also includes an in-depth illustrated guide to yoga postures and outlines sequential poses that foster greater ease and awareness of your body.

Mindful Menopause sensitively addresses issues that commonly arise during menopause, and gives recommendations for managing symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, low energy and libido, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, physical discomfort, poor digestion, and weight gain.

Together, these teachings, exercises, and reflections will help you approach menopause mindfully and joyfully, allowing you to deepen your practice and transition gracefully into this new stage of your life.

About The Author

Francesca Dupraz-Brossard is a psychologist and clinical sexologist in private practice in Geneva, Switzerland. She uses a third-wave cognitive-behavioral approach and mindfulness, hypnosis, and schema therapy to help her patients find their happiest and healthiest self. Of Spanish-French heritage, she was born and raised in London, where she obtained bachelor's degrees in modern languages and in psychology. Her interests took her to Egypt, then Madrid; at twenty-three, she left to live in Cyprus, then Saudi Arabia, and finally to Geneva, Switzerland, where she obtained a second master's in psychology and where she has been since 1995. She is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Swiss Society of Psychologists (FSP), the Swiss Institute of Hypnosis (IRHyS), the Swiss Society of Clinical Hypnosis (SHyPS), the Swiss Association of Complementary Medicine (ASCA), the Swiss Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy (ASPCo), the Swiss Society of Sexology (SSS), the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST), L'Institut Sexocorporel International (ISI), and the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM).


Product Details

  • Publisher: Wisdom Publications (November 9, 2021)
  • Length: 472 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781614296492

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Raves and Reviews

“In this beautifully illustrated and creatively executed resource, Francesca Dupraz-Brossard offers a thoughtful, accessible, and science-supported opportunity to women dealing with the imposing challenges of menopause. With clear skills and moving passages for daily practice, the reader is invited to embrace a renewed sense of personal empowerment, clarity, and self-compassion. This is a must-have workbook for the body and soul.”

– Wendy Behary, author of Disarming the Narcissist

“A rich workbook full of kindness, empathy, and overflowing, refined creativity that addresses a topic not openly discussed. The author takes us by the hand and inspires us to become conscious architects of our daily lives.”

– Catherine Weber, LL.B Law, consultant, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

“I recommend this insightful workbook strongly, as it is a lovely, creative gift from Dr. Dupraz-Brossard related to the stages of a woman’s life and the process of growth and aging. It is a beautiful book and it is clear how much love and effort went into it from a wise and skilled psychotherapist. It makes good use of third-wave cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches, presenting schema therapy healing concepts that can enrich mindfulness practice.”

– Joan M. Farrell, PhD, codirector, Schema Therapy Institute Midwest-Indianapolis Center, coauthor of Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out

The Mindful Menopause Workbook is an invitation to take the time each day to be present and to open up to what is there with curiosity during the transitional stage of menopause. In this way, menopause can become an opportunity to get to know oneself better. Francesca Dupraz-Brossard accompanies the reader on this journey with great gentleness and kindness, helping her to discover the necessary resources to live this particular stage of life at its best.”

– Francoise Jermann, PhD, psychologist and psychotherapist, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland

“I am impressed by the quality and quantity of information contained in The Mindful Menopause Workbook. Francesca Dupraz-Brossard’s work is remarkable in the context of mindfulness approaches in specific clinical populations, but it goes far beyond that. This is an agenda to take care of yourself, making this a workbook to be purchased as soon as possible.”

– Serge Rudaz, PhD, associate professor, Analytical Sciences, Biomedical and Metabolomics Analysis, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Western Switzerland, University of Geneva

The Mindful Menopause Workbook is an exquisite bouquet, arranged with the utmost care, presented to all women at the age of wisdom. Its fragrance accompanies them step by step, day by day, with empathy and care. Dupraz-Brossard guides her reader on their journey with elegance and lightheartedness. She masterfully combines her multifaceted knowledge of mindfulness, yoga, and cognitive behavioral therapy to create a beautiful companion to have by your side.”

– Dr. Shalini Sanghvi, MD, FMH, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Geneva, Switzerland

The Mindful Menopause Workbook is an ideal companion for navigating the transitional tidal waves of feminine growth. It is a great resource to rejuvenate the heart, mind, and body as you step into the next phase of life with renewed hope, confidence, and wisdom. Francesca Dupraz-Brossard has mapped out exciting pathways for women to appreciate and connect with their heart, mind, and body with love, compassion, joy, and equanimity, and to rediscover the beauty of their lives.”

– Dr. Charika Marasinghe, PhD, trustee, Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre, Sri Lanka

“My colleague Francesca Dupraz-Brossard is a professional who combines courage, humor, sensuality, and rigor in her therapeutic work, venturing into often avoided areas such as menopause. In this workbook she explores this delicate period of life with an invitation to women to take care of themselves, be healthy, and thrive using mindfulness principles that, by the time the workbook has been completed, will no doubt become a daily way of life.”

– Dr. Yuliya Balet, FMH, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Geneva, Switzerland

The Mindful Menopause Workbook focuses the wisdom of a talented woman, Francesca Dupraz-Brossard, on an orphaned issue: the promotion of women’s well-being as they approach menopause. This book condenses contemporary psychological knowledge, making it accessible to a wide audience through practical proposals. This is a gift offered to all women who are going through this important life transition that is so often passed over in silence—a workbook to be meditated upon and passed on from one generation of women to the next.”

– Dr. Grazia Ceschi, PhD, psychotherapist, University of Geneva, author of Imagerie mentale et psychothérapie

“The best knowledge of a person often comes in unexpected ways . . . a shared training, shared exercises . . . I am thankful for the chance to get to know Francesca. The Mindful Menopause Workbook is only a reflection of the author herself: a magnificent work!”

– Dr. Roberta Antonini Philippe, PhD, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

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