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The Naked Salesperson

A Stripped Down Approach to Selling with Confidence


Forget that nightmare about standing in front of a conference room, giving a pitch in the nude. With The Naked Salesperson, you'll learn how to become so confident giving sales presentations that you'll never fear a pitch again.

Inside, Renée Walkup, founder of SalesPEAK, Inc., and Sandra McKee show you how to focus on the sales essentials and sell au naturel by taking the N-A-K-E-D approach:

Navigate the sale by creating a plan.
Approach the pitch and the audience with enthusiasm.
Keep your buyer with you throughout your presentation.
Engage listeners in a well-managed, message-matching Q&A session.
Drive the presentation home and get the buy.

Through detailed instructions and illustrative case studies of successful naked salespeople, you'll learn how to become assertive and confident with the N-A-K-E-D approach to selling. Forget freezing up or rambling on; with The Naked Salesperson you'll strip down, exude confidence, and get the buy.